Prints for sale

After a long process to make it possible and setting technical points I'm happy to have them in my hands. They are touchable, real and now I can offer them to everyone. Here they are!

All prints have the following specifications:

Paper size: 297 x 210 mm (A4)
Image size: 237 x 185 mm
High quality printed on vergé paper 120 g/m2
Limited edition 60 copies each
Signed and numbered

1. Aesthetic version of Periodic Table

2. Donauwörth

3. Eau de Donau

4. Ink Bottles

 5. Lección de anatomía

6. Aprenda ruso con el cosmonauta Lenin

7. Personajes en Anna Karenina
8. Matryoshka

9. Matisse and Dragonfly

10. Fishorgón

11. Libelo Poeto

12. Ataque alienígena

13. Estudio ideal

14. Génesis

15. Inocencio X

16. Tribu inédita

17. Página densa

18. Le voyage du Mat

19. Uniformes

20. Propuesta Barcelona

Each copy includes a certified of authenticity.


Minimum order 5 prints:   95 EUR 
Each additional print:        15 EUR  

Shipping is included in the price.
NOTE: Shippings to UK are cancelled temporary. 

Please use the button below to place an order and pay:

Contact to naranjacorreo@gmail.com for any doubt, issue, additional information or ordering more than 5 prints.

Many thanks.


Mustard Bomb said...

Just stumbled across your work - it's beautiful - I wish I had your pen control and eye for a page! Best of luck with all your endeavours!

Alice said...

I have just received the print of Eau de Donau and I am thrilled with it. I don't know if it's the exquisite penwork or the wicked comedy that appeal to me most, but I will definitely enjoy this little gem. Write on!

Beth said...

I just received my print, #11 across the pond in USA on the East Coast. My package arrived safely and is even more beautiful in person! The detail of your work is unexplainable stunning. I must say I did a happy dance at the mailbox when I saw it had arrived! Lovely paper, work and having a piece of your is a dream come true. THank You, Beth in SC

Selma Reho said...

To my delight, I got the prints Nos. 8, 9 and 10. All the design, the paper and the service is of the highest quality. You can immerse yourself in it and always finds surprising details. These prints are true jewels for me, as your entire artwork is. Warning: highly addictive!"

Anonymous said...

I love love love my prints! I'm such a huge fan of your work! It's been such a treat to have it hanging on my walls!

Sabrina said...

I received my Periodic Table and Matisse prints, and they are just wonderful! Thank you so much!

Have you considered doing a special edition of the Periodic Table where you use real gold (leaf gold) in the center?

Sören said...

Wonderful...absolutly wonderful!!!!
The artwork is so detailed, every time you look at it, you will find new details :-)
I was very surprised about the printquallity, never saw such a good quality :-)

The prints will shine in our new home where I bought them for!


GetTAMArt said...

What a fabulous piece of work. Very inspiring. I ordered the dragonfly page. Arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. Love it. Keep up your work. I love looking at each page.

Anonymous said...

We couldn't decide which print to order for our wedding anniversary so ended up getting five and will get them framed for all to enjoy in our lounge. Beautiful work and postage was surprisingly fast to New Zealand, which is seldom the case from overseas!

Iphone Support said...

All the prints are very good and have a smoothness in it. I opened another page first, then seeing the particular print, come to this post and amazed by seeing these beautiful prints.

Anonymous said...

I am such a fan of José’s work! I purchased 3 prints and splurged on custom framing. They look so beautiful hanging in my office.

It was a pleasure dealing with José. I’m in the US and the shipping was very quick. Good packaging. Nice detail with the separate certificate of authenticity.

I think it would be so nice if you could somehow incorporate some of your designs into travel clothing! T-shirts, bags. Just a thought!

Deborah said...

Deborah says...
I have admired Jose’s work for quite a while and am so happy to have received three prints: Aesthetic Version of Periodic Table, Eau de Donau, and Ink Bottles. Each is unique, beautiful, and of excellent quality. I couldn’t be happier with them and now need to find framing that is worthy of this lovely art.
Jose, thank you for sharing your gift with us!

giaonhan247 said...

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Unknown said...

I bought three prints: the Anatomy Lesson, The Ink Pen, and The Periodic Table. I could not be happier. These prints are very special and I am so happy I bought them. The Anatomy Lesson in particular brought me a lot of joy because of the written notes on the page. I recommend these prints to anyone who enjoys this art.