Visual guide for Asian noodles

It’s the first time I draw noodles and I find it’s a very relaxing process. Maybe I have a hidden superpower to draw noodles and I didn’t know. In that case, I should dedicate my time to that. What a sad purpose in life.


Kwan BBQ

In the rabbit hole of Asian style and details. I’m using red color more often than usual. I guess it’s a secondary effect of staying in Vietnam.



7 Eleven ballpen and Muji fountain pen together with other notes

Cute cat ballpen virus spread in this page. And it’s welcome. 

I’m quite happy with the new Muji fountain. I didn’t test it with pigment ink yet. The feeling is quite good.

Magnificent Thai stamps

I'm happy I found an old stamps shop in Chinatown, Bangkok. Now I have enough little artworks to add to my notebooks for a while.


Tribute to Chiruca boots


My dear Chiruca boots after 20 years. Happy birthday for them.

As you probably know, I used Chiruca boots from 2002 to 2016 for everything. That includes the round the world trip and actually all trips during those years. They are still in good shape but I stop using them as a daily shoes in 2016. The thing which surprises me the most is the laces don’t show any damage sign yet! Diamond-made I guess. The best item I’ve bought in my live.

From 2017 to 2022 I switched to trail running shoes, a great, confortable and light new solution for all kind of scenarios, including a meeting with a minister, which actually happened. But quality in The North Face brand is quite poor. Laces were broken just after 2-3 months. A red flag alerting of such a profit oriented product. Anyways I was happy with those shoes and they were my only shoes until they full broken this year 2022.

And now after looking for a replacement everywhere … I’m back to Chiruca. This time a more versatile and light sneakers more suitable for tropical places. The first feeling after a few weeks of use is super great. Let’s see how they behave. They are not the ones shown in the drawing. That’s a new model I took to illustrate an ergonomic item could also have an amazing design.

Just to mention some numbers. Old Chiruca boots costs me 72,87€ in 2002. Actually I paid them in pesetas, just before the euro came. Up to 2016 when I retired them, results a cost of 5,20€/year, 0,43€/month. Great quality/cost ratio. Wearing good shoes for less than a Starbucks coffee PER YEAR. And as I said, I can still use them.


Koh Chang, Thailand

Those days in Koh Chang (and Koh Rang) were great. A little far by bus and boat from Siracha, but that's also valuable part of the trip.

I like the unexpected and textured effect of the white ballpen in the drawing.