Helmut the Bureaucrat

So fresh and full of energy. Use him as a model to guide your path to exit.

Make your own robot

Not a regular robot but a destroyer robot. If you are too lazy to destroy the world by yourself this cute robot can do it for you. 

The project can be done with Rapberry Pi. Remember the steps: 1: Make an assistant robot to help you to make the destroyer robot. 2: Make the destroyer robot.

Extra tip: Use 9V battery to increase the destroy power.


Cutcut the Hairdresser Robot

My old Flickr account

Flickr has been my number one favourite webpage for years. That was time ago. An infinite fountain of inspiration, a window to enjoy other's creativity and a place to show my first photos.
I leave here the link to the album with photos of my round the world trip (2007-2008) so they can be seen in better quality. 


Mutant Ladybugs

Evolution finds unexpected ways. Maybe in other worlds ladybugs pollinate mammoths. 

These particular kind of ladybugs flight at Mach 0.8 and they could mutate at will to reach Mach 3. Nothing is weird enough in the development of life.

2050 cards project. Second print test

I did the second print test to see how both a new case and back of the cards look like. See the first print test here.

The result is quite visual.

Still working a lot to develop the cards. Many new ideas and details to polish. I think the number of card will be increased from my original plan of 64 to 100.