Best time to visit Thailand

When is the best time to visit Thailand? Very easy answer: Always!

Just forget the temperature curves or raining bars and look at the happiness level. It’s always set at 100% And honestly the decision of being in or out of Thailand is obvious. 


Beautiful shapes

Nature creates nice shapes. I just copy them and enjoy the process of learning their subtle details.


New crosshatching technique

This technique is so fun. A kind of free crosshatching. I guess it needs a few days (or years or lives) to master but the path would be enjoyable.

The combination of ink and mechanical pencil 2H avoids blur/dirty pages in comparison with soft pencil drawings. Definitely I'd like to use more pencil in my pages but in my experience it tends to get dirty easily in a travelled notebook. However Microns are great and solve that problem. Just need time to learn how to produce textures, shades and contrast in lines. 

Airbus A350


My tiny contribution to design of Airbus A350 XWB was adding a fuselage section with orange shape. You can see it easily. Pay attention next time you flight :)

Just joking. Even when I was working on that airplane for years, I’ve never seen it (with the exception of an Air Show in Paris). And it was in 2021 when I flew on it for first time. Yes, magic of large multinational corporations and their complexity make that possible. An employee can work on something and never even see it.


Paper close up


There is an unique feeling in the combination of paper and ink. Maybe this photo helps to understand what's happening at micro level. Surprisingly it was taken with a mobile camera.

Note this ink from Zebra disposable brush keeps exactly in the limits of the letter. Some inks, specially it they are too liquid, tend to spread outside by capillarity along the fibers. I often have a big problem with paper since the lignin (the "glue" which keeps fibers together) somehow vanishes. It's probably because of hot and high levels of humidity when traveling because it rarely happens at home. As a consequence many inks spread too much and the result is horrible. This is an important topic to talk in detail someday.

Amelie and Chunking Express

I still can't believe two of my all time favourite movies are actually one inspired in the other. Chunking Express (1994) and Amelie (2001). So many similarities and I've never noticed even after watching them many times, specially Amelie.

Extra note: Faye Wong has a magical magnetism at stratospheric level.