Unexpected and harmonious notebook layouts

Many people say my pages are very organized. When I look at them indeed they look organized. It's not my main goal. 

This kind of layout is very useful for a page full of mixed notes. It's not too planed. Only general lines to balance the proportions, selected colors from my palette and experience with different typographies. Each idea finds its box during the process and all together create some beauty with harmony. 

Sometimes the result is a pleasure to see and not so good in other cases. Maybe the difference is in certain details because brain (better said the set brain/senses) is very picky and can notice points which we even don't know and we can't explain. Let's use the way of intuition and flow with the process.

A tree is a predictable being

 Here a few mixed notes from Da Nang (Vietnam).

Being unpredictable is a superpower. It's also useful and fun in a society where dogmas and beliefs invade most of the brains. People expect certain behavior. The real value is being unpredictable from authenticity, not acting like that (for any reason). Natural, do not force. Maybe it needs practice and training.

A tree is quite predictable and it's also ok.


Bedside lamps

I've noticed the importance of bedside lamps. In my nomadic life they appear in random ways since every hotel room is different. A kind of surprise. They are the key to create amazing atmosphere during some hours. And environment impacts in confort. Confort calms brain. Brain can produce magic. Valuable night hours then.

Tiny beings

Drawing new characters is somehow like bringing beings to life. They didn't exist a few minutes before and suddenly they are walking (and sometimes dancing) in this world. Well, in our imagination which is our real/simulated world. Only a piece of paper and a pencil needed to create magic.

These days I'm enjoying the process of drawing creatures. Actually in the last times I'm almost only interested in Science/Technology and fantasy universes. Real world on Earth is sometimes not exciting as imagination.


The Hypnotizing Planet

Year 2050. One of the rarest planets discovered up to now is The Hypnotizing Planet. It’s so beautiful and with such a charming moving that anyone who looks at it will be PARALYZED for the rest of his life. We know many astronomers suffering this effect. 

The spell also applies to machines. Computers and robots stopped working when they scanned this planet. 

Of course there are not photos and this drawing is only a basic approach from testimonies but needed in order to illustrate the Encyclopedia of the New Era.

Note: This is a drawing to illustrate the future project "The Last Days of Mankind", set in years previous to 2050 where Singularity is imminent and could happen in any moment.  

The beauty of imperfection

Many people tell me my pages are so perfect and ask what I do when I have a mistake. Nothing is perfect and micro-mistakes invade every gap.

Here I show some close up examples of scanned pages at high resolution: 

I selected some mistakes, stains, smudged ink and all kind of imperfections. I can see beauty in them. They are welcome as they are part of the process. Choosing the way of 100% perfection is a mistake. They can’t be avoid and even can bring a lot of stress if you fight against them. Nature doesn’t work like that. 

We are organisms full of defects so we will always produce the same.


Study of Planet Panic

Year 2050. Results from Deep Inter Laminar Scanner (SCA-Xラ25) show layers of the Planet Panic with certain details. New information revealed after the barrier layer (5) since these areas were unknown until now.  This is the real data and now it’s time for analysis.

During the last decades scientists created theories trying to find an explanation. Shamans and religious organizations (dying but still there) tried to modify their classical speech in order to accommodate the new facts. Results from scanner is a true test for all of them.

Note 1: “Real data will surpass imagination”. Think about this.

Note 2: Don’t be fooled by the cute monster in layer 7. He is highly poisonous and violent! He uses a harmless and kawaii looking as a mask.

Note 3: He is guarding a weird sphere.


In the Mood for Love

Recently I discovered some photos taken during the filming of In The Mood For Love in Angkor Wat. They are great and the reason is: The touch of reality is always the best ingredient.

Highly stylish. Probably each frame in that movie should be in a museum.

Jellyfish visit my notebook.

Jellyfish visited my notebooks. They look with shock the words of N. Maduro on the other page: “I went to the future and I came back. I saw all was ok.”

That’s a genius argument! You will need an even crazier argument to refute it. Think about it.

That's why the jellyfish-type beings prefer flowing with freedom. Dancing. Propagating.


Superluminal Spaceship

Unique proposal to travel at higher than speed of light. See my other brainy proposals for mankind here.

Year 2050. The new element “Vitesse-3c” (see Periodic Table of the Elements updated) found in a lost asteroid allows 10^3 times the speed of light. An harpoon made of that element is thrown and anchored in space time fabric. Then pull with energy and thrown it again. Easy.

Nose of the ship needs to be covered with Vitesse-3c as well so the whole machine can also travel at that speed. The vessel can carry massive troops, artillery or just passengers. Measures, stabilized control and other minor details for its design and manufacturing are left to scientists and engineers.

The main points here are:

1.) Ship must show an elegant style.
2.) Exquisite brownies will be served on board by militarized provodnitsa (проводница) who will keep order, etc.

First destination.... Planet Panic! Bon voyage!


New inks for fountain pen in use

I wanted to switch to permanent bulletproof inks long time ago. I was happy with my current colors after a long process of testing and trying new ones until I defined my palette. Adding the superpower of waterproof (and more other properties) could be a plus. Since I know the colors I want the task seemed easy. Just find a new brand with those colors and try.

Expert's voices about archive and conservative materials pushed me to change. It looks like cleaning and restoring a notebook in the future could be much easier with these bulletproof inks otherwise the inks goes away almost like magic. Have a look at this video to see by yourself.

Rohrer & Klinger is my first attempt. The colors are amazing, exactly what I was looking for. And the color's names very original for inks! I chose Carmen, Frida, Emma and Klara for this trip.

It's quite risky to start a new long trip without testing them in deep but I had to do it. New year, new trip, new notebook and... new inks.

Result of investigations coming soon!


Beauty in shapes

Authenticity is the key ingredient for everything. This model emanates reality therefore she has a special touch.

It's a draft and like this style a lot so this page will be a draft when finished. What a paradox!

The code

There is a code running inside us.

At least we know it's there. It drives us from the beginning and apparently we can't scape. Maybe we could manipulate DNA but that's just a code improving itself.

The code defines us. It creates our reality. Actually we are the code. It's ok.


Koh Tao and more

These are the last pages of my current notebook. Exploration days along some islands in Thailand and the coast.

Did you know Koh Tao means Turtle Island? Now you know.

Liu Lunar

Page dedicated to a great soul.


A new home for my notebooks

Finally I completed this project which was delayed again and again during a few years. After the huge mistake in the box I used some years ago I decided to use a cardboard box. It's neither waterproof nor fireproof but it's made of archival quality cardboard, same as used in museums. It's supposed to be a barrier for acid and at the same time it protect the inside from dust.

I made it by myself so I can fix the measures to the notebooks. It looks an easy work but I had big problems to bend the cardboard because I used a thick one. I left spare room for a few more notebooks to come.

I love the result. Great looking and feeling.


Article in IDEAT

Article published in IDEAT China last year.

Many thanks to Tanya for the interview in Shanghai.


Geodesic Dome

There are new way to build houses because of new materials and mainly new ideas. Sharing information between minds is key and Internet makes posible.

Many other animals can create their home in hours or days and do it by themselves. Intelligent humans need years of work to pay others. In many cases the result is a low quality house and a aesthetic disaster. That's should be shocking enough to find other solutions.

A friend of me showed me Geodesic Dome as a solution. That's an example for houses. The main point here is to be applied to any other issue to solve in life in general.

Life is (should be) simple.

Article in The Guardian

Thanks to The Guardian for this article aired some weeks ago. British feeling. I can imagine a very British reader with the newspaper in the morning while taking tea in a B&B atmosphere.


Faye Wong

I'm happy to discover Faye Wong. Actually I did it longtime ago in the movie 2046 but I didn't realize the deep of this celebrity until last year.

It's a pleasure to draw stylish creations in the Cosmos.