The incredible case of detective Zero Bananas


During his career as detective he solved zero cases. Cero, null, 0, zero bananas. Ratio 0.0. The worst detective ever. It’s not laziness or whatever. He always puts all his energy on it but not results. However his agenda is always full.

There are many cases which require Zero Bananas detectivesque job: Couples who suspect are being cheated but don’t really want to know it or cases which require the thief is not found (specially if the thief is in charge of the investigation). So… everybody is happy!

In his spare time he takes care of the garden. Relaxing life.

Kinds of Income

The way to generate money could be complex and confusing for some humans. The reality is simple if you consider some key points before choosing your kind of income: Is it scalable? Get up early mandatory? (Avoid!) Is it passive income? And the most important: Is it compatible with a poetic life? 

The ultimate goal is the cat. No income needed. It gets energy from the Sun. Well...


Cyberpunk 2077 new photos

One year after the launching of the game I've explored Night City again. It made my mind exploding every time. What a masterpiece of design. Every here and there is full of exquisite atmosphere. How can this place be even possible to be created?

And I used it not only as a video game but as a tool: A place to explore and take photos. I strongly feel we are in the first steps of virtualization and soon these now called "video games" will be the door to traveling to existing places and also to unknown and fantasy places with extra experiences.

I created a Flickr album to share those photos in a better way. Click here to access. Welcome.

And here I post some of them:


Miho Bot

What an enigmatic character. She has a lot to say in 2050 story.

I’m fascinated to see how my little characters evolve 🎈And this is a special one: Miho Bot, the narrator of the story.

But don’t fall in love too soon since she is neither human nor even made of flesh and bones. She is a subroutine. AI created her in 2050 as a kind of archeologist to manage some difficult information left by humans. The only way to understand what people wanted to express in some artwork is using a digital human model with same feelings and behaviour than real humans. Miho Bot is so cute and friendly because she was designed to understand and eventually interact with people.

When she was 19 min old she already reached professional archeologist skills. 23 min later she organized and catalogued the whole notes collection by enigmatic Coconut Monk. So it’s time for she to release and introduce those notes to sharp listeners. However in this step she is forced to use language, a primitive and extremely slow way of communication. Anyways she is happy to do it (she is programmed for that), smile, patience x1000 and no hurry.

Let’s she what she tells us about those notes

Bangkok is always in my mind

Travel notebook when no traveling. It doesn’t matter. I’m traveling in my mind so I will draw details of my dear Thailand from now on. If Bangkok is the entrance to Asia, Suvarnabhumi airport is the entrance to the entrance. A special place which ALWAYS brings me happiness at its highest level.

Did you know there is a navigable canal in the middle of Bangkok? Crossing the city moving along that sublayer is a nice experience with its own style, full Thai.


Unexpected evolution

Oh, evolution... It continues after humans’ presence on Earth and it could use tools they left, maybe.

I can't wait to see what modifications TV brings to them.