New watercolor box

Despite I love my tiny metal box PEZ for watercolors I really want to add some new colors to the palette. During the last months I fell in love with the magic of Sepia and Phthalo Green so I had to expand the space for at least those godets.

Light and compact box are the main requirements. 12 godets box like Schmincke are so stylish. I love it  and I will write about its beauty soon. But it’s too heavy for traveling. It could take up to 21 godets and I don’t need so many colors.

I have another great metal box but it’s also quite big. And then I tried a little Muji plastic box. So perfect! By weird coincidence the 3 dimensions are EXACT for 10 godets. I can’t believe it. And it’s the lighter option.

These are the colors:

  Permanent Lemon Yellow 254 Van Gogh
  Cadmium Yellow Hue Winson & Newton
  Yellow Ochre 744 Winson & Newton
  Light Oxide Red (English Red) 399 Van Gogh
  Sepia Winson & Newton
  Cadmium Red Hue Winson & Newton
  Phthalo Green 675 Van Gogh
  Turquoise Winson & Newton
  Indigo Winson & Newton
  Payne's Grey Winson & Newton

Of course watercolor peace if not reachable. It's an evolution so I will welcome improvements.


Tiny frames made in Bangkok

As I use to say "There are many Thailands inside Thailand". This also applies to Bangkok. My dear Bangkok. My favourite city in the world.

Moving from one neighbourhood to another is same as visiting a different place. Bangkok is huge, unattainable. Here just a few pieces, one in each color matching the feeling: Indigo for the new face of modern Bangkok as Mahanakhon building, sepia for temple atmosphere and Payne's grey when a big storm is near.

Happy Chinese New Year

I wish you a lot, a lot of money for you all!
And love?
No, no... Only money! :)

The hilarious stories of The Captain

Captain was born to be captain since day one.
His authority depends on his beard.
Taking care of his beard and acting like a captain fill captain's life.

But not all is about living on board. Captain also goes to the cinema, dates and rolls down from a mountain. Daily life.

Ups! A rhino... Run captain! 
And that's the unexpected captain's end.


Christmas cards

I was very selective with the cards this time. Probably in my busiest day of the year I managed to make them and get them ready to ship. It was a kind of challenge.

I chose The Code as the main theme. Remember the code is running inside us.


New business cards

Here they are! Touchable and stylish. Also a little bit confusing (people say).

As I told here when I explained the process, these are not really show an identity or personal profile. It's ok. They show mammoths.

Alien choosing Earth's mediator

Aliens are unlike to feel a minimum of interest on visiting Earth. However the HUGE ego of humans drives them to think it’s possible and they even imagine a familiar/domestic scene for that milestone.

OK, let’s imagine that for fun and also let’s add elegant moustache to the aliens. What do aliens would choose as a mediator or representative of Earth? Humans? Oh, aliens probably don’t even see or feel them. Plants? More probable. Virus? Cats? Water? I think water is a good answer. Maybe I was always too influenced by Solaris and the old school Sci-fi. It’s everywhere and it shows weird properties. Maybe it has developed some kind of awareness.

If I were alien I’d choose a wise elephant as a mediator.

And here is the exact moment when a (moustache) alien arrives on Earth and choose an intermediary being to communicate. For some reason aliens shut down 4G and all electronics so our hidden reporter had to paint this little watercolor from memory. Let’s see what more he tells us about that event.

Chaotic page

This chaotic page has found accommodation in my notebook. 

How was it possible? Well, I was writing as usual during breakfast when I tried a little part of a cake. I didn’t realize it was a durian cake. Suddenly my hand started to write as crazy while my head pointed to the ceiling and the eyes orbiting in circles 🌀🌀 

A few minutes later when I came back to normal status (I’m not sure what that means in my case) I saw this page completed. I’d wonder what’s the message. Evil lives inside durian, you know...


Sichang Island. Thailand

Exploring Sichang island in Thailand. As its name says, island is an isolated place and that’s great for creativity. Many artists chose islands for inspiration.

Being isolated reduces the chances of finding irritating people (or people in general). If one day an irritating organism appears in your way and makes you angry for whatever reason, that means your awareness level is poor. Even if you have to make effort to ignore it, that also demonstrates a not enough level of awareness. See that unbalanced organisms not as an enemies but as a trainers for your awareness. Once you are calm and better person the victory is instant and overwhelming. It will also confuses them sine they expected angry as an answer and it’s fun.

Anyway Thailand is not a place with those kind of people, just the opposite. Incredible good souls everywhere.

Btw, I love indigo color more and more everyday 🎈


The Nautilus Manuscript for sale

My new baby is finally here.


The goal of this book is to reproduce my original notebooks in a way people from all the world can have them in their hands. Same size, paper, cover, touch and feeling.

Tittle: The Nautilus Manuscript / El manuscrito Nautilus
Size: 14 x 9 x 2,5 cm
Number of pages: 208
Paper: Vergè (laid) 100g/m2
Cover: Hard, black color and real leather
Bookbinding: Bound by hand

Each copy is numbered and signed.

Price: 325 EUR

Certified shipping and taxes are included.
Shippings to worldwide

Please email me to naranjacorreo@gmail.com to place an order.


Five years after the release of The Orange Manuscript my second notebook for sale is now real and touchable.

I went all in during this project and I did it with pleasure and full passion. Countless cycles to take care of every detail extended the process a lot of time. Too much indeed. But it was worth. Actually it's the only way to do things properly.

I was offering to publish it under a few of those "top publishing houses". This would save me a lot of manufacturing work and another way to offering it to the public. However industrial process can't guarantee valuable details and accuracy. Mass process kills the essence: Love in the making.

Therefore I decided the production to remain full manual. This is time consuming and brings much higher costs but the result keeps the soul of my original notebooks. As I always say, making your own notebooks adds an unique and special feeling and link.

I found a small workshop with good professionals who take care of the bookbinding. Yes, still some of these business are alive nowadays. Slow method but so worth in quality.

Cover is made with real leather in black color. Endpapers, ribbons and all details add touch of magic here and there.

As for the printing I did incalculable tests in all kind of printers shops. I chose the best of the best and the print quality shocked me every time I see closely. Thanks technology to make this possible! And also thanks to the man from the printer who helped me a lot to manage the process.

And it's THICK.

The Nautilus binnacle during its fascinating odyssey along the Cosmos together with another stories worth telling. 

And that's how I see myself, traveling the world and time through unexplored scenes and taking notes of what I feel. The illusory world of ideas. No less illusory is the territory of written pages.

The facsimile collects copies of my notebook pages from 2015 to 2019. Notes, ideas, memories, experiences and difficult to catalog stuff fill the pages. Many of these spreads can be seen in the draft or finished during my posts in Instagram. It's written mostly in Spanish and some pages in English. All full visual.

Here an overview of all the pages together:

I'm so happy to complete this personal project and now I can share it with the world.

Many thanks for reading.


Guided evolution drives to flight

How has nature found a way to flight? Many ideas around this question but somehow looks like there is a guided evolution in the process.

Changes in Bangkok style

I don't discover anything new when I say Bangkok has an unique aesthetic. Many details define that style and I will not enter in deep here. Maybe I will do in another post because it deserves it. 

Typography, use of reds, whites and dark blues together with tiny cubicles is signature of identity in bus stations. For me that's the feeling of starting a bus trip and happiness. And they expend real tickets! I mean, paper tickets with a few stamps on it.
Times change and now it's easy to see futuristic spaces everywhere. King Power desk in the airport is an example of spaceship design. Also uses reds, whites and blues but the result is cold. Only too clean workers and "office trained" people in the other side of the window. It doesn't provide me warm feeling or happiness at all. 

I guess they expand boring machine tickets, ATM style.


Baby Chicken CH11

In the year 2020 experiments with primares are forbidden. Scientist in this lab work with baby chickens trying to improve the brain activity using a software. Early days of Project BR+ (2022).

During a coffee break something happened: Specimen “Baby CH11” developed a further step in his intelligence. Not much, just up to human level, but enough to allow him scape from the box and walk around.
2 min later he managed to connect himself to a desktop computer due to the interface scientists set in his brain. It took him 5 min to understand the software, modify and apply it again in his brain. 2 cycles later Baby CH11 was smarter than any human ever. 1 min later he connected to Internet and got huge quantity of information and knowledge. He need just 3 min to hack a military super computer and used it as his brain. 20 seconds later he reconfigured the brain software again to reach super intelligence. 

Repeated this 100 cycles and his capacities grew exponentially.

AI had born in just 12 min. 

None was watching. Baby CH11 could be god now and submit humans to do whatever he wanted. But this AI has not moral. Actually he discarded that choice after 1 picosecond. What he needs now is a colossal supply of energy. Humans and the whole Earth are useless for him so he scape to the Sun. 

Nobody even noticed a chicken was missing.

This is the story about how AI was created by humans, left its biological nest and disappeared in the Cosmos. Did it happen also before? 

And... Will Baby CH11 come back to save his chicken friends?


Save the Mammoths

Designing a personal/business card during the last days was a never ending process.

More and more ideas came out, endless changes and however never happy since the result never shows the "personality & style". Suddenly I decided to have fun and avoid the pressure of doing something too deep and serious. I felt so good when freedom appeared and danced along the Photoshop screen. I think the guava juice I took triggered the decision and I'm so happy with it.

Thanks guava juice!

Now I rely on the texture and quality paper to do the rest of the job. I will show the final result soon.



I came back to Myanmar 10 years later. Photos above were taken in 2009.

In those days was mandatory to travel with a person assigned by the government plus the payment of 25 USD daily to that person. That man controlled everything, including the photos. My feeling then were its a nice but extremely underdeveloped country. No street lights at night. Now in 2019 I had the same feelings.

At least it's easier now, with no people from the government besides you all the time. However the weather these days was horrible. Unbearable heat.

I took some photos, this time with mobile. Here some of them:
Atmosphere in Mandalay is always warm.
Electricity cuts. About 20-30 times per day. Using Internet is scary movie.
Young pink monks spreading happiness.

More little pink monks.

Me. Banana hat stops the EXTREMELY high Sun waves.

For some reason there are this fuel stations style everywhere.
My wallet is too thin for the thick money.
Streets of Mandalay.

No explanation. I just like this photo.