Bangkok in weird times

Travelling these days is not easy. Despite the never ending bureaucratic processes of documents and random rules I didn't want to miss the chance of visiting my dear Thailand in 2021. And I got it.
I found Bangkok quite empty, which is good in some points. Always superhappy to be here. I took some photos with my mobile. Indeed mobiles now can take nice wide angle pics.
For your safety.
BTS has many more stations now.
City center with no traffic at all.
Because of low level of tourists great hotels are available at half price.

Praying with distance. And love.

This is one of the spots which comes to my mind when I think of Bangkok.

Some areas in Bangkok are so modern and clean now. Same level of other asian cities as Tokyo or Seoul. Indeed Bangkok has changed a lot since my first visit years ago.

Khaosan Road area is full empty. Quite sad and unbelievable. This was one of those places which never changes. Doesn't matter what you do or where you go, coming back to Khaosan was like coming back to the same place you've already known. I often could see the younger version of me walking along Rambuttri with no much imagination needed. But not now. This is checkmate. Time changes everything.

This photo shows well how is Khaosan now.

Chatuchak market is quite silent.

I see this all the time and still don't know what it is. I guess it solves all your problems at once.

Siam station not crowded.

Suvarnabhumi round shape says it's time to leave, for now. 


Notebooks feeling


Years after I finished MS. Chang (2017-2018) I'm still amazed by its soul. The thickest notebook I made. It's saying how many memories and hours of writing keeps inside, even without opening it. And that feeling increases with time.

Hacker's room


Hackers will play a key roll in the near future. But this is a topic to talk about in deep in another post.

At the moment I'm happy with the chosen colors and design of this particular hacker nest, with intricate details in everywhere.

This is part of a future project about 2050 cards.

Interplanetary taxonomist

Humans tend to think they are important. Even more, some of them think they are the center of something.

Taxonomy is the science of classification. And that’s what this taxonomist alien does. Routine job for an employee: Scan, catalog and make a report. Now it’s time for him to visit the Earth, which didn’t take him more than 15 min.

He classified life on Earth in 3 groups: 

1. Plants, the most relevant being. 
2. Animal mix. 
3. Underground giant creatures with moustache. 

High level communication is not possible with any of them. Report conclusion: nothing to highlight.

But not all are bad news. He wrote a note at the end: “Do no exterminate, for now”. Great! 

Beautiful shapes


Real world creates the most stylish shapes. I just try to identify, appreciate and reproduce a tiny part of them.


This Christmas do not buy a Megastruz

Buying prehistoric animals as pets has become a trend in recent years. Despite their cute claws and lovely 15m high these beasts are dangerous. They like to eat heads here and this makes the neighbors upset. Always the same... 

Keep safe your city and say no to Megastruz, doesn’t matter how much your kids want one.