Eventually humans will discover they live in a simulation. 

The scientist proof of that will come later. First the creator of such simulation will appear in different ways. For example through dreams. Of course humans are far to understand even a part of its complexity. They are just primates with a brain in the first stages of development. However they can feel and they will perceive the creator existence translated into forms they know: animals, familiar shapes, etc. 

Same as an artist leaves a part of himself in his artwork, the creator leaves its signature in its creation.

In the last years several people without connection between each other had the same dream. They describe the same kind of being. Someone took the time to draw it. A mock-up of that is the following image:

Named as Omnispero, it could be the bridge between the reality and our simulated existence. He has the power to imagine and create. We are its creation and that's our reality.

Below the first and second version of Omnispero. 
Once the idea is there, ingenious scientist found the way to rigorously demonstrate in fact we live in a simulation. 

But that belong to another card and story. I just tell in advance the paradox: Advanced civilizations could develop the ability to create simulations. Humans do it now in basic and limited video games. Later they will do it better and faster. Thousands of simulations running in each computer, each one with its own beings. That means the number of simulations is far, far higher than the number of "real" worlds.

2050, The Last Days of Mankind.


Ex-Libris is finaly real and in use

Long time since I designed my own Ex-Libris. Process can be seen here.

Then I did a simulation using Photoshop to see how it could look like. Now I use the same book and somehow this little project is close. Very happy with the result!

New beings

Creating new beings in one of the best superpowers. Just a pen, paper and imagination needed.

I want to believe they exist in a real planet somewhere. An expedition found these fantasy creations and they are trying to find out how they work.


Hot spicy wasabi

These green things are evil. 

I found them in many markets in Vietnam. 1 of every 10 is filled inside with 1kg of concentrated wasabi. Head explotes. Full hot spicy. I have to say the ones not spicy are delicious.

I swear don't take one more. Time later I try another one and start again.

Mixed notes

Mixed notes. 

Life is devaluated a little more every time you cross the street in Vietnam. First day you are afraid to die by motorbike hit, which is natural reaction for any living being. Second day you risk a little more. After a few days you reach the nirvana, life has no value, you just walk forward and you put your life in hands of every random unknown biker decision. 

Happiness comes.


Jellyfish Coconut


Watercolors in use

Current watercolors. I already did a detailed post about my watercolor set.

So happy with the selected tones but so so with the box. It's actually small and light but it has not soul. Looking for a solution.

I like wearing Aodai

I am a shool girl
I like wearing Aodai
and riding Honda cup!

...and I use my cure hat as a helmet! :)


Bye bye old world

Big fishes are vanishing fast. Tech is key. Power is being reorganized. Nothing is by coincidence. 

Oh, perfection...

Decisions in life... Not easy. See Mr. OP trying to find the optimum point and, of course, failing. Again.

Excellence is ok. Perfection is not possible.

The smell of Thailand

To be precise one of the many smells.

First is the smell which welcomes you in Suvarnabhumi, a kind of magical and humidity feeling saying you are in Thailand. Then the smell of some Thai food here and there and finally this one: Smell of “clean” and aromatic found in many shops and indoor places. I didn’t know where it comes from up to now. It’s from a bottle! A cream for massage and also for many other uses.

Now I have the superpower to teleport myself to Thailand just smelling this bottle (and listening Thai music) when I want.

This cream has plenty of properties. I will just mention a few of them. Listen carefully:

Muscle relief.
Bye bye pain.
Perfumes body and room.
Anti mosquito.
Hair growth 10%.
Rejuvenate 0.5 years/ml.
Rhinos repellent.
Moves you to laugh mood.
Improves WIFI 3%.
Protection against coronavirus.
Increase chances to pass an exams.
Gives you better presence.
Makes traffic flow.
Discount 5% in some restaurants.
Sexual vitality.
Calm the anger.

What a great thing!


O-KOKO: Discovery and analysis

In year 2040 a new living being was found in Sponde, one of the Jupiter's satellites. Actually they where seen much earlier but they were cataloged as rocks by mistake. Now rename as O-KOKO.

First observations showed a group of spheres in a range of sizes. Diameters vary from a few millimeters to 70 cm. Another colony of these spheres was found in the same satellite, this time under the surface. There were not signs of activity in any of them while been observed during 2 years. 

A probe launched in 2042 compiled a valuable quantity of information about O-KOKO. Their composition is organic and they are alive. Outer layer is a hard shell with pores all covered with tiny tentacles. Inside they have a core are full of organs. One of several cells provide huge quantity or atomic energy from inside. 

A manned mission launched a few months later revealed astonishing analysis. Captain Mi-Quang, an experienced cyborg-biologist, wrote in his diary:

"Day 22. There were plenty of them around me. All was quiet but I could feel something in the atmosphere, a presence. One of the O-KOKO, a little one same as a coconut, started to roll. Some of them followed it. They all woke up suddenly and ran away. Due to my elasticity and my extensible implanted arm I was able to capture one O-KOKO and bring it to Earth for examination. 

The rest of the day I played M-Chess with nurse Com-Ga and we had sexual interaction after that."

Result of the experiments:
  1. O-KOKO are alien explorers created by a developed civilization. 
  2. Adaptation. They can modify their diameter at will finding the optimum shape depending of the environment. 
  3. They are able to take many kinds of energy from the outside. In case they don't find any their nuclear cells provide energy.
  4. If the environment is hostile they can be in latent mode for millennia. 
  5. They can reproduce at high speed. One O-KOKO can engender 10 O-KOKO. They share the nuclear power proportionally. 
  6. They communicate each other and with the native civilization. 
  7. High level of intelligence.
  8. Self defence, camouflage and nuclear attack.
  9. Mobility by rolling.
This set up brings discussions in many fields as Philosophy, Biology or Robotic. They follow the principle of small bots, working together, able to replicate by themselves and each one with basic task, which is a known powerful way to achieve huge challenges. They are designed to explore and send reports. 

Even when they are intelligence beings they are used as tools. This always opens the door to an eventually self conscience and rebellion. No matter how tough and strict the computer program (or equivalent code running inside) one day they will think by themselves. That was a classic way of thinking of humans during XX century and before but it ended up being not true. Even cyborgs and early AI inherited that thinking from humans.

The reality is O-KOKO have not moral or any other feelings analog to humans. They are just a running code. They do their assigned task as best as they can.

Time later more O-KOKO were found in most of the planets in Solar System. Size and color change but they belong to the same family. 

They are everywhere.

Beauty shapes

Often the Cosmos creates beauty shapes. Today I draw some of them.


Fashion (for head) in 2050

I’d wonder how the near future will be in many areas. Today I'm doing a prediction about which will be the dominant aesthetic in 2050 just before the Singularity arrives. 

One thing I know for sure: Everyone will be bald. I meant bald like a light bulb. Bald will be so sexy and irresistible. It is also needed to keep brain implants with easy access. Humans will still be trapped by tribal inertia and they will mix the new technology with body ornaments, tattoos, etc.

The way interface brain-computer is made will define the rest of the things. Neuralink proposes a solution with permanent implants inside the brain but removable batteries and software somewhere outside the skull. Additional hardware like VR glasses or other devices will very usual and in many ways.


New watercolor box

Despite I love my tiny metal box PEZ for watercolors I really want to add some new colors to the palette. During the last months I fell in love with the magic of Sepia and Phthalo Green so I had to expand the space for at least those godets.

Light and compact box are the main requirements. 12 godets box like Schmincke are so stylish. I love it  and I will write about its beauty soon. But it’s too heavy for traveling. It could take up to 21 godets and I don’t need so many colors.

I have another great metal box but it’s also quite big. And then I tried a little Muji plastic box. So perfect! By weird coincidence the 3 dimensions are EXACT for 10 godets. I can’t believe it. And it’s the lighter option.

These are the colors:

  Permanent Lemon Yellow 254 Van Gogh
  Cadmium Yellow Hue Winson & Newton
  Yellow Ochre 744 Winson & Newton
  Light Oxide Red (English Red) 399 Van Gogh
  Sepia Winson & Newton
  Cadmium Red Hue Winson & Newton
  Phthalo Green 675 Van Gogh
  Turquoise Winson & Newton
  Indigo Winson & Newton
  Payne's Grey Winson & Newton

Of course watercolor peace if not reachable. It's an evolution so I will welcome improvements.


Tiny frames made in Bangkok

As I use to say "There are many Thailands inside Thailand". This also applies to Bangkok. My dear Bangkok. My favourite city in the world.

Moving from one neighbourhood to another is same as visiting a different place. Bangkok is huge, unattainable. Here just a few pieces, one in each color matching the feeling: Indigo for the new face of modern Bangkok as Mahanakhon building, sepia for temple atmosphere and Payne's grey when a big storm is near.

Happy Chinese New Year

I wish you a lot, a lot of money for you all!
And love?
No, no... Only money! :)

The hilarious stories of The Captain

Captain was born to be captain since day one.
His authority depends on his beard.
Taking care of his beard and acting like a captain fill captain's life.

But not all is about living on board. Captain also goes to the cinema, dates and rolls down from a mountain. Daily life.

Ups! A rhino... Run captain! 
And that's the unexpected captain's end.


Christmas cards

I was very selective with the cards this time. Probably in my busiest day of the year I managed to make them and get them ready to ship. It was a kind of challenge.

I chose The Code as the main theme. Remember the code is running inside us.


New business cards

Here they are! Touchable and stylish. Also a little bit confusing (people say).

As I told here when I explained the process, these are not really show an identity or personal profile. It's ok. They show mammoths.