Ah, the dollar... Mickey doesn't love you!

I had the opportunity to use dollars in Cambodia recently. Having US dollars in the pocket creates feeling which don't happen with other currencies.

US dollar pushes you to spend money. It also gives you a kind of power, even when you carry just a few dollars. It's all about psychology.

Anyways, here I show a tribute to dollar and money in general. A weird entity everybody use but not many people understand. Meaning of money now is so different from some decades ago since it's not just a value keeping but a complex system of rights and taxes. However it remains the same in people's mind. Maybe it's because notes in paper are the same.

And yes, again: Mickey Mouse is not your friend. He doesn't love you!


hpa098 said...

I love this spread! I love seeing a peek into your notebook, I enjoy your creativity, thank you for sharing!

amrix11 said...

Very creative, thank you for sharing this!

Armando said...

José, I absolutely love this composition.

I haven't received my Orange Manuscript yet, but it would be a fantastic surprise if this is included there. If not, hopefully you'll consider adding it to your next volume.

Thanks for sharing your work. :)