Days in South Korea

Hi Korea!
I use to enjoy most of the countries I visit during my trips but only with some of them I receive great feeling from minute zero. This is literally. When someone in the airplane provided me the immigration form I was surprised by the quality print and paper. The surprise was bigger when I saw there are glasses to fill the form in case you need them. That's a little example of a country where civility,  respect, order, cleaning and progress are evident. I highly appreciate these attributes.
Here some photos of my days in Seoul, Jeju island and Busan:
Baseball is a very popular sport in Korea.
Me in Seoul.

People are wonderful, friendly and respectful.
Seeing couples wearing like a mirror is quite typical. I've never seen that in any other place.

Women's typical clothes.

Colorful clothes always create nice contrast.

Ewha Woman's University in Seoul. Atmosphere and surroundings are more than amazing. 
I love South Korea and I can't wait to come back and enjoy more this lovely and valuable culture.


Anonymous said...

Me duelen las córneas. No es posible que, entre tanta belleza, buen gusto y saber hacer, de repente y sin anestesia, salga calzándose un pantalón PIRATA. Señor Naranja, s´il vous plaît.

Jisu Kim said...

I am so glad that you love there~!