About developed cultures

Japan is in the top 3 of my list of developed cultures. It's a very subjective list where criteria were selected after a lot of thinking. For example, focus on innovation and Science, an historic knowledge, background in thinking and arts, a certain level of order and cleaning, low impact of religions, etc. Let's appreciate this ramen as an example of dedication to detail. Even the colors have been chosen properly to create the whole work. And all like that.

Japan deserves same respect they practice.


LOO ROCK said...

Amigo Naranja,
Así es, Japon es un encanto de país con una cultura e costumbres que merece mucho respecto. Basta recordarmonos de 2ª. Grande Guerra de Hirochima y Nagasaki y todas las grandes catastrofes, y Fukuschima.
Saludos cordiales,

Jacki Long said...

I agree, definitely top 3.