Baby Chicken CH11

In the year 2020 experiments with primares are forbidden. Scientist in this lab work with baby chickens trying to improve the brain activity using a software. Early days of Project BR+ (2022).

During a coffee break something happened: Specimen “Baby CH11” developed a further step in his intelligence. Not much, just up to human level, but enough to allow him scape from the box and walk around.
2 min later he managed to connect himself to a desktop computer due to the interface scientists set in his brain. It took him 5 min to understand the software, modify and apply it again in his brain. 2 cycles later Baby CH11 was smarter than any human ever. 1 min later he connected to Internet and got huge quantity of information and knowledge. He need just 3 min to hack a military super computer and used it as his brain. 20 seconds later he reconfigured the brain software again to reach super intelligence. 

Repeated this 100 cycles and his capacities grew exponentially.

AI had born in just 12 min. 

None was watching. Baby CH11 could be god now and submit humans to do whatever he wanted. But this AI has not moral. Actually he discarded that choice after 1 picosecond. What he needs now is a colossal supply of energy. Humans and the whole Earth are useless for him so he scape to the Sun. 

Nobody even noticed a chicken was missing.

This is the story about how AI was created by humans, left its biological nest and disappeared in the Cosmos. Did it happen also before? 

And... Will Baby CH11 come back to save his chicken friends?

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