The smell of Thailand

To be precise one of the many smells.

First is the smell which welcomes you in Suvarnabhumi, a kind of magical and humidity feeling saying you are in Thailand. Then the smell of some Thai food here and there and finally this one: Smell of “clean” and aromatic found in many shops and indoor places. I didn’t know where it comes from up to now. It’s from a bottle! A cream for massage and also for many other uses.

Now I have the superpower to teleport myself to Thailand just smelling this bottle (and listening Thai music) when I want.

This cream has plenty of properties. I will just mention a few of them. Listen carefully:

Muscle relief.
Bye bye pain.
Perfumes body and room.
Anti mosquito.
Hair growth 10%.
Rejuvenate 0.5 years/ml.
Rhinos repellent.
Moves you to laugh mood.
Improves WIFI 3%.
Protection against coronavirus.
Increase chances to pass an exams.
Gives you better presence.
Makes traffic flow.
Discount 5% in some restaurants.
Sexual vitality.
Calm the anger.

What a great thing!


HealthClarity said...

I discovered your not to long ago on Pinterest. Your beautiful journals of course. I check back nearly everyday to see a new post. I truly enjoy your art work and it inspires. I enjoyed seeing your new posts I would love to see more on your process and tools.
Kind Regards Todd

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