Anna Karenina

When I started reading Anna Karenina I remembered the complex links between the characters and their names I found in Dostoevsky. I assume that's the Russian way to write novels. So I took notes of every person and the several names sometimes are associated to them.

Somehow I discovered a point of view for very known books. It's funny to elaborate since I didn't take too much care to do it perfect.

Regarding the book itself I wouldn't recommend it. The story and Anna Karenina character are great but the mindset, conversations and behavior are too sticked to high class and old style society, the opposite to freedom, creativity, passion or think out of the jail. Each one is limited for the roll assigned by the community and that has not value. Human being is much more than that.

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dinahmow said...

I struggled to finish reading the story many years ago.I think she jumped in front of a train?
But you sketch page is lovely.