The address book

This was my very first full handmade notebook. It includes leather cover.

It's a point of no return. I will never go back to a no handmade notebook, otherwise the strong link with it will be lost, same as a link between father and baby.

I used it for one of the most fascinating project I did last year: The address book. Highly recommended idea where the unique characteristics of the address book are shown and felt, all of them good ones. There are many names inside the pages and there is only a connection between all: Me. It also helps to bring memories since every name keeps a lot of information and brains knows it.
Names are written with ink, that means it's final, bla, bla.

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Gloria Vivas said...

Hola José! Acabo de descubrir tu blog y estoy alucinando....me encanta lo que haces!!! Te sigo!