10 years with this backpack

Train in France in a rainy day

I've been using this backpack for the last 10 years as a daily bag in all my travels. Also as city backpack and many other scenarios. Together with my dear boots this is the most quality and reliable item I've ever found. Never broken, neither a single lost threat nor a failure in the zippers. Actually this brand provide lifetime warranty.

However I don't want to highlight the item itself, which is a manufactured product, but the connection with it since it has been a travel companion in many peak experiences in my life. It was never far from me, maybe not more than one meter. Sometimes I took it with me in the shower when I slept in shared dorms.
Boots and backpack in the Annapurnas, Nepal

Recently I've started to look for new main backpack because of this ultralight packing fever. I found only rubbish when I compare them with this. Maybe I have to research deeper. If the new optimized method works probably I will need only a main backpack and I will give a little rest to my dear and helpful backpack. Let's see...


Anonymous said...

What is the brand of backpack that you're using?

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