Each being is extraordinary and...

"Each being is extraordinary and deserves respect and admiration."

We all are a miracle. Even the tiniest insect is admirable. Just look it closer and appreciate the magic of nature. And it's alive, therefore deserves respect. Everything is connected to each other. We all are the same thing.
While sleeping a few days in the jungle of Isaan, north of Thailand, I had the visit of all these animals. Quite scary. Unknown noises in the middle of the night, mice walking along the roof or mosquitoes with surprise around. Safe inside the mosquito net. In that moment one has the wish of kill them or desire they vanish. I considered it as a patience test.

Well, I have to mention all were real animals but the alligator, which actually was a lizard. A giant one. The biggest seen in the area, as a local person told me, and it decided to take my hut as its castle even keeping its eggs there.

Btw, I'm loving this all blue style for sketches. Ink: Diamine Eau de Nil, one of my top inks since the fist use.


dinahmow said...

Yes, all life deserves a chance.I will not spray chemicals against mosquitoes, but if I am attacked I defend myself.

CreativeKristi said...

Gorgeous page