New notebook. Back to black

Just one year ago I start to write in my full handmade notebook. I created a post about it here.

It took me one year to finish it. Still some pages to be filled. So it’s time for a new one. I think creating your own notebook is the only way to have it as you want. I use the same verge paper (120g/m2) cream color which gives me great result. It not only can deal with all kind of fountain pen inks but also has an amazing feeling when writing (and touching!).

However, I’ve done a couple of steps forward in this new version:

     1. More number of pager. Up to 50% more pages than the previous notebook. This thickness creates a powerful and magnificent looking. 288 pages (plus one for the first and final paper undercover), that’s 144 spreads, a good number which I can fix into a 12 x 12 box in order to see all pages together and maybe discover other secret information which can’t be seen in other way.

     2. Black leather. I had to buy the whole piece of leather, which is risky and expensive for a test. Anyways I’m so happy with the result and now I have enough leather for a few more notebooks. No need to mention the touch is superb and I enjoy the notebook also with my eyes and hands.
Used materials
I expect the thickness will increase about 40% once it’s filled because some things like stamps will be glued. Even when I’ve balanced a little bit that future thickness in advance, a stylish curve will appear with time. I love curves in fat and used notebooks.

It’s a direct way to create a strong link between the notebook and you, a real one. At the end it’s all about feelings.


Pablo Morales said...

Me gusta mucho tu trabajo y me sirve de inspiración.
Acabo de descubrir el mundo de la encuadernación y estoy muy emocionado por hacer mi primera libreta.

weathersbk said...

Hi Jose,
I'm still studying your method for making your own book. I see your mention of verge paper (120g/m2) cream color. Is there a particular brand that you use that comes in single sheets A5 size? Also, can you tell me what you are using for the boards (cover)? Are you cutting the Moleskine cover apart and re-covering them in leather?
Thank you!

weathersbk said...

Or A4 sheets I meant to say

Laura Jones said...

How did you make the leather cover and the finishing touches? Like you I would rather make my perfect sketch book and pour my heart and soul into it. But i cant figure out how to make the front cover. How many pieces of paper did it take to achieve this thickness?
Thank you.