Angkor Wat, modern times

The world has changed and it's still changing so extremely fast. Globalization is in everywhere.

It's not possible to visit the tourist places any more. Not only in Europe, where they were ruined some years ago, now in most of the places.

I stopped visiting tourist points long time ago and only did some exceptions. One of them, recently in Angkor Wat, supposed to be a first level highlight. Well, I expected something like that. I was selective with places in the guides (which I use as places to avoid in general) but now it's time to take a clear action.

Anyways, from now on I stop all kind of visits to temples, pagodas, waterfalls and those kind of places. I said.

Angkor Wat at sunrise.

Martin Parr spirit came to me again and gave me the chance to take these shots. Great!

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Connie Rose said...

Everything you say about tourism is one of the reasons I won't travel anymore. I detest crowds of people anywhere. So I get to experience the world instead through travelers like you. Thanks for your posts, your images, and your fabulous journaling!