Happy to be part of it

I'm happy to be part of this book. @editorsophie, from Taiwan, contacted me in order to include me, together with other people passionated about notebooks, in this project. Many thanks!

In many cases I receive interviews proposals which are completely cold, sent in a copy/paste style with questions which are showing the lack of interest and passion. Maybe they are in a hurry or just someone assigned them the task as part of a employee deal. Same with collaborations, commissions, etc. They want the chewed fruit in the mouth with less effort. I ignore them all. But it wasn't the case of Sophie, just the opposite. I felt she knew my artwork in detail and it was a pleasure for me answering the questions with dedication.

The book is made with love, taking care of every detail and in a beauty way. I don't understand a single word in Taiwanese but I can feel the work inside.


It is available to buy here: http://global.pchome.com.tw/english/prod/DJAH07-A9007M1Z9

I show here some of the pages:

 Look at this cute drawings!

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