Sennelier, Paris

Located in the other side of Senna river, in front of Louvre. Maybe the outside says nothing to the eyes and certainly the window is so simple and (apparently) careless. But wait to see inside. It's exactly the old style I'd like for a studio with all these wooden drawers and shelves. Every year of its long history is doing the atmosphere better and better.

In the second floor there are plenty of choices for drawing. I was surprised by the variety of Japanese fine tools, not easy to find in real shops by there.


Anonymous said...

¿Que has comprado? enseña las golosinas.... jaja

Pat said...

It has a twin in London, https://www.cornelissen.com/. Wonderful.

dinahmow said...

Thank you. I'll share this.

jf2435@gmail.com said...

The first time I was in Paris in 2004, I found this store. I fell in love with it! Being very frugal, I only bought a half pan of watercolor. When I got home someone told me there was a second floor....ahhhhhh. Finally i was able to get bach but alas the store was closed for lunch....two hours and I was out of time. So, I hope to return as soon as possible! There was another art supply store farther up the street but I don't know the name of it. It was also closed.....

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Oroná said...

Hola, un amigo me ha pasado tu blog. Soy dibujante y me ha encantado. Es alucinante. Cuando me aburro del trabajo me pongo a recorrerlo, es un pequeño viaje para despejarme. Esta tienda que visitaste es mágica.

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