Golden Ratio and the last finished notebook

These are all the pages from my last notebook. Thinking about the number of pages took me really a lot of time. Actually I can be lost in these kind of (irrelevant points) for ever. My goal was all the pages to be linked in a way so they can become something more: a mandala. This is not now as far as I also used in the previous notebook. 

Al together needs to fix into a frame so only a few number of pages could fulfit this condition. I decided to draw Golden Spiral (based on Golden Ratio) along the notebook. Well, there are other elements to link different pages which I maybe explain one day.

The orange circle in the center is the main reference to organize the pages as a puzzle.

It's clear the notebook is full of orange dots in everywhere. When joining dots, Golden Spiral appears.

Also the devil wanted to join the party. He puts his claws in the Earth. Maybe he manages the curve. Or just a coincidence, which is even more intriguing.


Jacki Long said...

What a treasure! ;o)

Isa Manschot said...

Wow, José the thought that goes into the making of this notebook is amazing. This is absolutely a spledid work of art and I hope that one day I can get my hands ons this treasure!

Rahul Raj said...

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prof prem raj pushpakaran said...

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