My writing tools for travels

Optimizing the luggage is a never ending task. I do it with pleasure and it gives me great results and a new way of traveling. Regarding the writing tools I remember the days, before discovering so many fountain pens and inks, when all was easier. 

There are some requirements: Full performance, simple and light. I can carry everything with me in any moment and in everywhere. "My atelier is the real world"

Currently I use the following items:

-My handmade notebook.
-MUJI passport notebook for fast notes.
-"Happy Every Day" case. I found it in 7 Eleven in Bangkok.
-Two tiny kits of watercolors.
-Plastic ruler.
-Two Stabilo markers: orange and turquoise.
-TWSBI 580 EF fountain pen.
-Two Lamy fountain pens.
-Preppy fountain pen.
-Kaweco fountain pen.
-Two disposable Zebra brushes.
-Pigma Micron 005.
-Pilot G-3.
-Rotring mechanical pencil.
-Rotring Isograph 0,10.
-Rotring Isograph 0,18.
-Airmail masking tape.
-Tiny pencil sand color.

Together with this I carry another case with spares of some of the pens, glue and inks for fountain pens.


Robecorp said...

Realmente eres mi artista de referencia más creativo y original. Saludos de este informático desde Jerez (Cadiz/España)

Kari said...

I'm curious about all your fountain pens--why so many? Do you use different inks in them? Or different tip? Your work is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing it so freely.

Beth Bachuss said...

I am curious about the brand and colors of watercolor that you carry. I want to make a travel kit, and you seem to be able to mix whatever colors you want from the few you have. What brand and colors do you use?