The dots poisoned mushrooms

Mr. Likespain wakes up early every day and go out to look for mushrooms. The ones he eats grow in the top of a mountain which Mr. Likespain has to climb, with pain. He collects some mushrooms and come back home.

Alert! Mr. Likespain has to filter carefully the mushrooms since half of them are poisoned. It’s like so: Mushrooms with odd number of dots are ok. Mushrooms with even number of dots are poisoned. The problem is these mushrooms have A LOT of dots, a time consuming task for Mr. Likespain. And risky.

At the end of the day he manages to cook the good ones. Actually Mr. Likespain doesn’t like mushrooms too much. They are just ok.

And all like that. Same as in life. Life could be incredibly complex if you choose that way.

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Jenna Catlin said...

I have heard that it is the most poisonous mushroom. yet looks delicious.
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