Some views from Colombia

I visited Colombia during last weeks. Probably the place where fewer photos I took due to high delinquency levels and therefore carrying the mobile was not recommendable (even less taking it out of your pocket).

Anyways I lived good times and valuable memories. ¡Gracias Colombia!

Here some photos:
 This neighborhood San Antonio is quite stylish but most of the time looks like a war scenario. I felt something was going to happen all the time. And nothing happened, which is more worrying.
 Views of Cali. Do you know Cali is between mountains and it's not flat at all? Don't trust this beautiful image:
 And here some mountains in the magical sunset. Performance every day.
 Streets in Manizales were more full of people. At least people.
 Salento is a nice place. Feeling of security and relaxing atmosphere.
And near Salento, Cocora valley. A nature show (not for us as humans because it was there much earlier than our existence).

Bonus: Mannequins seen in a shop.


Anonymous said...

Hola , ojala hubiera o pueda conocer otras ciudades o pueblos hermosos que tiene este país , y llevarse una mejor imagen que luego plasme en sus hermosos dibujos , ,, para ello deberia “anunciar” sus visitas y poder aconsejarle sino ayudarle a que sea asi...

Jenna Catlin said...

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