Torre de Cali

There are at least two ways to be isolated from the noise, pollution and hustle in general in a city: Moving far away to the outside or moving high to the sky. Horizontal or vertical move. Since I love high buildings, finding a nice skyscraper is the best solution: Located in the center and near everything.

The problem is usually there are too expensive. When I arrived to Cali and I saw not only the mentioned points but also the excessive delinquency I had the need to find a safe place. Prices are ok in Colombia so it's a good chance to try these kind of luxury accommodation for a time. First I tried a kind of peaceful hotel with a yard inside, really impressive with 60m2 rooms (very far from 3m2 rooms in Hong Kong). Then, most of the days, I stayed in Torre de Cali, the only and iconic building in the city. Style from the 80s but good quality.

Also huge rooms with massive windows to the city. I felt like a man in his lighthouse. Also protected in the sky and near everything at the same time. This building shaped my memories there.

Good weeks in Cali which I remember with love.


Vassia Tsamaslidou said...


Cathy Hutchison said...

Thank you for creating this. The beauty of your journal pages always inspires me!

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