The Handmaiden

What a discovery. I'm completely in love with this movie. 100% visual poetry and a pleasure for the senses. Each frame is and artwork.
I already know the South Korean director Park Chan-Wook from Oldboy, also an amazing movie. Genius.

The characters are such a perfecto models. And so obedient. I just click on PAUSE and they still as much as I need to drawing them.

I watched this movie 4 times in the last days. Well, te first one I missed the subtitles and I understood nothing about the also great story.

"The house shows the passion of the owner for Japan and England."


Chong Zhang said...

I watched it yesterday too, cannot believe how I managed to walk past this movie for so long! This is such a beautiful movie. If you like Park Chan Wook's work, Thirst is another great masterpiece.

spacedlaw said...

It's an amazing movie.

Jenna Catlin said...

The story is deep and very meaningful. I love it.
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