Dublin atmosphere. I get it

Sometimes I saw so many great pictures from other photographs who put in their images a special ingredient: the atmosphere. I envy them. I wanted to achieve that tones and that texture in the air. Same feeling has been in the mind of painters when they looked at Velázquez's light or other masterpieces. Maybe I couldn't get it due to a not trained eye, lack of observation or not enough PS skills.

However I've caught all I desired in this photo. I love it and I can say it's one of my fav in this year and in my lifetime as well. Now a new era starts and there is point of no return.



Imágenes de la Patagonia helada. Ambiente antártico. Arriba, Perito Moreno, siempre esplendoroso, imponente y esperando en reposo. Abajo, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, allí abajo donde literalmente acaba el mundo.

Moleskine: Bhudda and Audrey

Here two pages from my Moleskines.


Bora Bora lagoon

And that submariner cheap camera with questionable film produced this amazing atmosphere in Bora Bora lagoon. Let's random take its chance.


2200 revealed photos at once, new record!

A new production more taken from my RTW photos. 2200 memories, remembers and feelings. Real photos: you can touch them, shuffle them and write on them.
Box suits properly for this issue and it's so cute!