Ballpens candidates updated

In a recent post I talked about an ink/paper problem which happens to me often. Thanks for all the feedback! It was really interesting and productive.

Paper problem is more complex and I will dedicated another post soon. As for the ballpens, here are the candidates to be used. A clear winner recommended in your comments was Zebra Serasa and I finally have them in my hands. It’s great, feels very confortable and I can produce nice handwriting with it. By other hand I’m afraid the perfect bullpen doesn’t exist (or at least I’ve never seen it). I would like a ballpen that wrote full black, waterproof and stand after being erased. I added Zebra brush disposable pen and Pigma Micron for comparison.

Pilot G-3, my current pen up to know, is full black and can’t be erased. However it’s not 100% waterproof and also its ink tends to spread in the paper. This is related with paper problem. Both Zebra Serasa en Uniball inks are very similar: waterproof but they are not so black and don’t stand after erase. That makes sense since ink Pilot looks more liquid and it penetrates deeper in the paper. Zebra Serasa and Uniball Signo are more “gelatinous”, ink remains in the surface and therefore lines are clearer and it can be erased.

The conclusion is I quite like Zebra Serasa overall and I will give it a chance. Surprisingly Uniball Signo in green and blue colors are perfect in all points so for sure I will use them. Ballpens with “click” and spring are more useful but they could show a gap between nib and case instead of nail behaviour in a pen with a cap. This could produce bad handwriting specially if it’s tiny. It’s not the case with Zebra Serasa since it’s well made with accuracy and that gap is residual.

I hope this is useful for you and together can built a solid knowledge about writing issues.

Von Neumann’s probes update: Self destruct feature.

The big problem: A captured Von Neumann probe potentially being used by another civilization to suddenly improve their technology and attack back.

Solution: Implementation of a self destruct mode. This feature could be applied to a single probe, an entire hive, or a selected group of hives, and would allow for the destruction of the technology in the event that it falls into the wrong hands.

However, the question of how the decision to trigger the self destruct feature would be made must be addressed. A fix consensus method may not be sufficient, as it could potentially be discovered and hacked by external parties. Instead, it may be necessary to implement a dynamic consensus method that is more difficult to manipulate.

Another key consideration: What if technology is improving itself using different civilizations while traveling across the cosmos. This raises the question of whether we are simply acting as slaves working towards a superior project.


Maggie Cheung in 60s Hong Kong style


Notebook getting fat

Comparison between the new notebook and the previous one. Both 180 pages, paper 100g/m2.

After using it and pasting things on the pages it becomes 63% thicker! From 13mm new to 21mm finished.

Is there any method for balance this when bookbinding? In the past I tried to add extra gap in the spine, between the signatures and the cover. It doesn’t help much. Another solution is to cut some pages in the middle (same as some photo albums) but it’s not aesthetic and definitely destroys the spreads.

Next notebook, coming really soon, I will try a thicker thread and even signatures with less sheets of paper to increase the thickness in the sewing area.

Anyways the spine will always keep the same thickness and cover will bend lightly. I really like that shape. So even for that 63% or lower, it manages to get great final feeling.


Some days in Georgia

I’ve done some improvements over Georgian flag in order to adjust the Christian level properly. I enjoyed those days a lot, as always happens when I visit a country for first time. Lack of smiles but great bread, and sweets, and wine.


Iconsiam ice cream and more notes from Thailand

Last page of this notebook. One more journal is completed.

Finally I spent too many days filling gaps or full pending pages. I promise myself I will never leave empty pages in the middle with the hope to finished them at the end. Big mistake.

I’m not in Thailand now (hopefully soon) but it’s always good write about good memories there.