The perfect studio

Here while work in progress. Now I just need to do it in reality. Some day.


About bookbinding: Additional information about sewing

In a previous post I explained how to do you own notebook. Detail about the way of sewing was missing there and it's shown here:

Bound pages after sewing.
Remember that practicing and singing improve the result.


List of my top 5+ favorite books. Update

There are books and divine books. The ingredients which make a book belong to this list are not only the quality of the text or the theme but also the book itself, its style, shape and manufacturing quality. All of them show feeling to your eyes/brain and also to the touch. 

Here is the updated list for this year:

1. Don Quijote de la Mancha. Not too many things to add in this amazing book. It´s THE BOOK. Cervantes passes through all the key points in human life along the pages. Some people think El Quijote is a boring book and difficult to read, however from my point of view it´s the funniest book and with a huge humor sense. The edition by RAE because of the IV Centenary is a must.
2. I Ching. The book about everything. The Oriental view written down on paper. Mystical and wise.

3. Almanach Hachette. A compilation of information decorated with amazing illustrations made in France. Exquisite pickings from the XIX century. Fine touch.
4. Codex Seraphinianus. A completely new world created by Luigi Serafini´s mind. Superb pencil drawings with endless creativity. Unfortunately this edition doesn´t show the quality his artwork deserves.
5. Completed Illustrated works of Lewis Carroll. Not only tales but also Maths exercises, music scores and more.

Extra I: I should mention one more book even when it´s not a book itself but a mix of photos about Peter Bear´s work complied in a book. Full inspirational and obsessive dedication by this master of notebooking.

Extra II: The Orange Manuscript (El Manuscrito Naranja). How to miss it in this list! A mix of notes, hilarious ideas, sketches, travels, calligraphy and “flights of fancy” by José Naranja. No tech used, all handwritten in pocket notebook. An useful recipe included in the pages.