My very first notebook

I keep all the notebooks and paintings from the school. Lucky me. Actually I keep many memories from my childhood including toys and photos. This one was made the first day of school when I had rarely picked up a pen. Probably the teacher didn't have the proper dots guided letters notebooks for kids and she invented that temporary solution.

The result is a weird thing. Look at these chains of "2"! Apparently it's a disaster but when looking at these pages in deep I find a kind of natural freedom trying to adapt to the new rules.

And it's orange! Well, it was more orange before time tested it.


Game of the goose shop in Paris

I found this shop a couple of years ago in Paris but I was not too involved in that game during that time. I came back to Paris now and I looked for this shop specifically and I found it thanks to GPS position in the photo I took the other time. Well, more or less, but I finally found it.

Nowadays I'm full dedicated to my personal project about Game of the goose, which I should choose a name for. The shop is full of old versions, all of them handmade by the owner based on the original games. Fascinating. This level of quality provides a great feeling. The book attached is a great plus Inspiration.

Here I show how is going with my own work. Draft to be finished soon:


Sennelier, Paris

Located in the other side of Senna river, in front of Louvre. Maybe the outside says nothing to the eyes and certainly the window is so simple and (apparently) careless. But wait to see inside. It's exactly the old style I'd like for a studio with all these wooden drawers and shelves. Every year of its long history is doing the atmosphere better and better.

In the second floor there are plenty of choices for drawing. I was surprised by the variety of Japanese fine tools, not easy to find in real shops by there.


Bangkok in my mind

No matter how many times I go to Bangkok, when it comes to my mind I always remember these concrete ways in several levels and colorful taxis.

Well, recently I also visualize mango sticky rice and some tropical fruits. I don't need to say I miss Bangkok a lot.


Paris sights

People looking at Eiffel Tower.
Here some photos from my last visit to Paris. The world is going crazy. I always say the time for tourist places is gone. All sights are full of people everywhere and the experience when visiting them is always the same.

Avoid places with tickets windows and buses.
People looking at Notre Dame.

People looking at Mona Lisa. 

People looking at Mona Lisa.

People looking at Venus de Milo.


Chinatown in Bangkok

I was happy to discover this Chinese bubble in the middle of Bangkok.

Crowd, gold shops and street food in everywhere. It's cock year now and I couldn't resist to buy a couple of Chinese New Year envelopes together other similar stuff.

Yes, reliable bag

After two and a half months of traveling with my new bag I can write down the conclusion of the experiment: ORANGE TEST PASSED.

38 liter capacity is a little big for my current requirements. Maybe 33 liter could fix much better. Anyways its quality looks reliable enough when considering this kind of bags for light packing.

And it's turquoise-green.


Saigon: Motorbike culture

If one thing comes to ti mind when I remember Ho Chi Minh is the motorbikes. Not just traffic with full of them but rivers of scooters filling the road... and the sidewalks! As crazy as fascinating.

Btw, I loved Ho Chi Minh. A great discovery of nice, polite and elegant people, with good manners. A lot to learn from Vietnamese culture.