Each being is extraordinary and...

"Each being is extraordinary and deserves respect and admiration."

We all are a miracle. Even the tiniest insect is admirable. Just look it closer and appreciate the magic of nature. And it's alive, therefore deserves respect. Everything is connected to each other. We all are the same thing.
While sleeping a few days in the jungle of Isaan, north of Thailand, I had the visit of all these animals. Quite scary. Unknown noises in the middle of the night, mice walking along the roof or mosquitoes with surprise around. Safe inside the mosquito net. In that moment one has the wish of kill them or desire they vanish. I considered it as a patience test.

Well, I have to mention all were real animals but the alligator, which actually was a lizard. A giant one. The biggest seen in the area, as a local person told me, and it decided to take my hut as its castle even keeping its eggs there.

Btw, I'm loving this all blue style for sketches. Ink: Diamine Eau de Nil, one of my top inks since the fist use.


10 years with this backpack

Train in France in a rainy day

I've been using this backpack for the last 10 years as a daily bag in all my travels. Also as city backpack and many other scenarios. Together with my dear boots this is the most quality and reliable item I've ever found. Never broken, neither a single lost threat nor a failure in the zippers. Actually this brand provide lifetime warranty.

However I don't want to highlight the item itself, which is a manufactured product, but the connection with it since it has been a travel companion in many peak experiences in my life. It was never far from me, maybe not more than one meter. Sometimes I took it with me in the shower when I slept in shared dorms.
Boots and backpack in the Annapurnas, Nepal

Recently I've started to look for new main backpack because of this ultralight packing fever. I found only rubbish when I compare them with this. Maybe I have to research deeper. If the new optimized method works probably I will need only a main backpack and I will give a little rest to my dear and helpful backpack. Let's see...


Treasure map

This sheet is my Midori. I drew it some years ago as a test, just adding things with no pressure for failure. That's the way. There is a "treasure map" and now I realize the treasure itself is the learned lesson: Enjoy and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Writing tools while traveling

I used these items during my last travel. Quite optimized but not fully ultralight kit.

Current notebook (blue one), auxiliar notebook for fast notes, agenda, etc. (red one), wooden box with writing tools and fabric bag with spare pens. Some day I will show the tools inside.

I found this setting quite confortable. Wooden case is a kind of ritual. Opening it means start writing.

And this is my portable studio. Every day different views.


The days in Bangkok

Bangkok is an incredible city. I stayed 34 days there during my last visit to Thailand and I'm never tired of that place. Mix of Asia and a electric modern city.

Always in love with Thailand.

With my new orange friends

What a nice surprise. Orange monks in Luang Prabang, Laos.
Epic (brown) Mekong river in the background.


Adversity makes you push harder

Cosmos sets the rules. We just try to adapt to them. Adversity is a trigger force and we should take advantage of it in order to improve ourselves.

Fight against that force is useless. Manage it and dance with it is better.

14 years of continuous use

Happy birthday to my dear boots!
They are with me since my first real travel, far away in Inter Rail times in 2002.
Actually the first time I don't use them for traveling has been in my recent trip to Thailand.
Always fascinated by its extremely high quality. Even cords have never been replaced in these years. The best item I've bought so far.
Here my little tribute to them.