Finding Inspiration in Satoshi Kon's wisdom

Satoshi Kon was a true master of his craft, weaving delicate images with deep emotions. His words recently helped me resolve a dilemma that had lingered in my mind for months while crafting the 2050 cards project.

I had placed excessive emphasis on the story, thinking it was the foremost element of any narrative. Some renowned film directors even delete a well-shot scene if it doesn't enhance the story. This mindset, while practical for business/profit related activities as cinema or Netflix, may stifle free creativity.

Satoshi Kon's perspective was refreshingly different: he painted mesmerizing images overflowing with creativity and then ingeniously find the way to match them with the story. The result might sometimes feel disjointed, but the emotion and, more importantly, the tone, were paramount.

This is my tiny tribute to him, etched into a small page of my small notebook. I hope it resonates with your soul and introduces you to his magnificent universe if you haven't ventured there yet. Let's embrace the beauty of creativity and the magic of storytelling, just as Satoshi Kon did.



Mixed notes including Thai coins and Lady Gaga

First time I see that Thai coins table. I’d like to see one of those Chang coins! I imagine them like 1kg oreo cookies each.

Sun direction in Bangkok

It's a little confusing when coming from Europe. In Bangkok Sun could be in the South or in the North depending of the time, which is extremely weird for orientation. It’s also a key factor when choosing accommodation since light quality changes a lot.

A room facing North is not so bad here! The magic of tropical places. 



The moustache

Take care if you eat wine and khachapuri in Georgia while displaying a bushy moustache.

Crazy Mary bookshop

What a great time talking about notebooks with nice people in Crazy Mary bookshop. A cozy and made with love place in Madrid city center (C/ Echegaray, 32).

If you go there you will find both my Nautilus and Orange manuscripts for sale in real, touchable version.

I took with me some original journals for people to have a look. For some reason I noticed they always have a kind of magnetic effect. They trap the observer and hypnotize him :)

Thank you all for coming!

Here I am holding Manuscript Chang, the thickest one up to know.



A triangular man

Mixed notes. A triangular shaped man, F-35 Lightning II and other irrelevant annotations not worth mentioning but somehow they deserve to spend time writing them.

What’s in my travel bag? Version 2023

These are all the items. Therefore I’m taking the photo naked.
Not very different from last years.
Full bag weights 8,2kg, 32 liters (bag alone 1kg) once some clothes are on.
Key here is the laptop: 16”, 2,3kg with charger.
Only possible in tropical places where no Winter clothes needed.
Still abundance of orange color, and that's good.


Mixed notes from Yerevan, Armenia

Beer chosen by label design and this one was the best on the shelf. Someone told me it's not an Armenian beer. Aesthetic rule over everything else (sometimes). At least it's an easy way to take decisions.

Old Soviet stamps

I found great soviet style stamps in Tbilisi flea market. They really did the high level design. I also love stamps from UK, USA and Japan.


Ah, the poetic life...

What is poetic life exactly?

The idea is there, and it’s magnetic. But how to know in detail? I asked ChatGPT and it wrote down a quite good approach:

1. Have a perspective of life that focuses on beauty, reflection and creativity.
2. See and experience the world in a way that is inspired by poetry and seeks to convey that vision through art or writing.
3. Live with a special awareness and sensitivity to the details, nuances and emotions that manifest in the world.
4. Be willing to explore new ways of seeing and understanding the world, and to be guided by imagination and creative thinking.
5. Be open to changes and new experiences, and see life as an opportunity to create and learn.

After asking if ChatGPT had personally experienced a poetic life, it's clear that it cannot, as it’s a machine learning model. Discovering the path to a poetic life is a personal journey that requires practice and exploration. Additionally, the path may not always be clear.

To help navigate this journey, one can consider a new method of decision-making: when faced with a choice, ask yourself which option aligns more closely with the perspective of a poetic life. This can be an effective way to distinguish between good and bad decisions. Repeating this method can lead to improvement in decision-making and make it more effortless.

It is important to remember that the poetic life is not a rigid path, but rather a flexible and adaptable concept, like bamboo. It can be represented as a tentacle tail for now.

I miss Thailand a lot

Weird shape for travel route.

Leaning lesson from some accommodation experiments I did recently, testing some budget and also luxury places for a few days.

Best deal is seek happiness > comfort >> luxury, in this order. A minimum of comfort is desirable, but not a requirement at all if happiness is there. This method simplifies the decisions a lot. Luxury is ok (for no more than 2-3 days).



Very Thai washi tape

What an amazing washi tape based on Wat Pho colors and patters, in Bangkok.

Thanks to nice people who give these kind of cute things.


Ballpens candidates updated

In a recent post I talked about an ink/paper problem which happens to me often. Thanks for all the feedback! It was really interesting and productive.

Paper problem is more complex and I will dedicated another post soon. As for the ballpens, here are the candidates to be used. A clear winner recommended in your comments was Zebra Serasa and I finally have them in my hands. It’s great, feels very confortable and I can produce nice handwriting with it. By other hand I’m afraid the perfect bullpen doesn’t exist (or at least I’ve never seen it). I would like a ballpen that wrote full black, waterproof and stand after being erased. I added Zebra brush disposable pen and Pigma Micron for comparison.

Pilot G-3, my current pen up to know, is full black and can’t be erased. However it’s not 100% waterproof and also its ink tends to spread in the paper. This is related with paper problem. Both Zebra Serasa en Uniball inks are very similar: waterproof but they are not so black and don’t stand after erase. That makes sense since ink Pilot looks more liquid and it penetrates deeper in the paper. Zebra Serasa and Uniball Signo are more “gelatinous”, ink remains in the surface and therefore lines are clearer and it can be erased.

The conclusion is I quite like Zebra Serasa overall and I will give it a chance. Surprisingly Uniball Signo in green and blue colors are perfect in all points so for sure I will use them. Ballpens with “click” and spring are more useful but they could show a gap between nib and case instead of nail behaviour in a pen with a cap. This could produce bad handwriting specially if it’s tiny. It’s not the case with Zebra Serasa since it’s well made with accuracy and that gap is residual.

I hope this is useful for you and together can built a solid knowledge about writing issues.

Von Neumann’s probes update: Self destruct feature.

The big problem: A captured Von Neumann probe potentially being used by another civilization to suddenly improve their technology and attack back.

Solution: Implementation of a self destruct mode. This feature could be applied to a single probe, an entire hive, or a selected group of hives, and would allow for the destruction of the technology in the event that it falls into the wrong hands.

However, the question of how the decision to trigger the self destruct feature would be made must be addressed. A fix consensus method may not be sufficient, as it could potentially be discovered and hacked by external parties. Instead, it may be necessary to implement a dynamic consensus method that is more difficult to manipulate.

Another key consideration: What if technology is improving itself using different civilizations while traveling across the cosmos. This raises the question of whether we are simply acting as slaves working towards a superior project.


Maggie Cheung in 60s Hong Kong style