Photographic exploration in Cyberpunk 2077

In my travel experience, the first day I visit a new country is always magical, no exception. In these days of lockdown I found exploring Night City a full AMAZING experience with a kind of same feeling as those "first days". I was surpassed by the amount and quality of details, atmosphere and incredible design in everywhere. 

I'm not a videogame expert and I didn't play much since Donkey Kong. The main reason I tried Cyberpunk 2077 was to have a look at that futuristic environment. I was magnetized for the idea of a virtual place with such a visual quality. My expectations where high and even so this game surprised me for good. Really a top project and artwork. In a future where everything is going down the creators of this world managed to elaborate something beautiful and with style. The beauty of decline.

So I took my camera (there is a camera mode) and went out to explore with no direction or goal. Every district is different, with countless streets and details. Suddenly it rains or something happens here and there. 

Well, this is a little part of what I found (I don't want to make it boring posting hundreds of pics):