Time stops when writing

Read books January - June 2016

Writing time

Someone asked me for a photo of me writing and I found this one in Isles of Scilly (UK). 
Lovely, peaceful and aesthetic place.

Digital master

I'm surprised by the huge quantity of information this little capsule (deck of cards size) can keep. 2TB and not full yet. It's the master and one of my treasures. It contains all my digital world: 46000 digital photos, 4000 film scanned photos (both are my orangecatalog), videos, scanned notebooks, other writings, lists and more. 

High value. To conserve. 


Expedition to the stars

Some days I go I went to a (little) expedition to the stars: The best show ever seen by mankind. We shouldn't forget:

We are connected to the Cosmos.
We are part of the Cosmos.
We are the Cosmos.

As an extra note I have to mention a new star (or no identified thing) appeared in this photo. A tiny red oval shape point at the right side of my head. I will do some research.

Khao San Road. Singular point

If I'd have to set a pin in only a few selected locations I'd choose Khao San Road as one of them. Point of singularity. Street and lights look the same now in 2016, maybe more noisy and full of modern/cool people than some years ago. I've changed too.

Good memories keeper. 


EX-LIBRIS. Design and explanation

Sometimes I feel I will never finish this. Anyways I'm designing my Ex-Libris after so many mixed ideas and drafts. It must be related to books, of course, and I will put it in every book which belong to my personal library.
The meaning is based on the 3+1 ways to get knowledge:

1.) Canned knowledge produced by others. There were so many great humans on Earth and some of them left their thinking encapsulated through the time. 
Example: Books. 
Others: Music, interviews, videos, tales and art. 

2.) Directly from other humans. Every person has something to say. We should listen and learn.
Example: A coffee with a wise person. 
Others: Teacher in a class.

3.) Learn by yourself. 
Example: Traveling. 
Others: Observing the nature, experiments and personal experiences in life. 

3+1.) Bonus! Observe a cat. You will not find a wiser teacher. A cat has the whole understanding of life. Pay attention to small details and what he does. A lot to learn.

Simulation with Photoshop to check the final result:



Pinhole Go. Download pdf

You can download the pdf in the following link:

It contains detailed instructions to make each part and the assembly together with theory about pinhole photography.

I created this ebook some years ago with passion. I offer it for free in order to share the love for pinhole photography. Written in Spanish but it's quite easy to follow since it's visual.

Photos taken with Pinhole Go camera:

Enjoy it!
Please contact me if you want to show me the camera and photo created with these instructions.