The co(s)mic end of the universe

"The day when the sun exploded, destroying the Earth and all its contents, UNIVERSE DATA RECORDER registered a small fluctuation, being the only information that was left of the whole humanity. 
And no one cried."


Photo taken in planet Earth

When seeing this photo, someone asked me: "Where do you find so odd people?"
I don't know, they just appear in front of my camera.

Seiko Sumo beating

How can you check a mechanical watch's frecuency?
1. Take a hi-resulution photo with 1 second open sutther.
2. Count the number of tracks left by the needle in that time.
Uhmm... 21600 cicles per hour is ok, and it's so orange...



Photos taken in Kengtung, Myanmar.



Hofbräuhaus restaurant and surrounding atmosphere, Munich.