Outstanding people I. Sung A. Park

I've had always in my mind start a group of posts about relevant people I found in my planet and living at the same time than me. Here is the first of these posts.

Sung A. Park 

South Korea

A real artists can recognize beauty, which is important, and also create it, which is a gift and a powerful skill. Sung A. can do both and I started to admire her since the first second I saw her drawings. It's not about the technique, there is more behind. The feeling in every detail comes form inside her because she can see deeper and process the information with a high level of sensitivity. Candidate to be one of the "person of the year".

Some of her mind blowing artwork can be seen in the link above. High recommendable to have a look at.
 She uses a needle writing tool. I though I use write fine but this is even eXtrafiner.
 What an honor she drew a portrait of me during our meeting in Bangkok. She also inspired me travel in the watercolor world and I think that's not a bad idea. Thanks!