Study of Planet Panic

Year 2050. Results from Deep Inter Laminar Scanner (SCA-Xラ25) show layers of the Planet Panic with certain details. New information revealed after the barrier layer (5) since these areas were unknown until now.  This is the real data and now it’s time for analysis.

During the last decades scientists created theories trying to find an explanation. Shamans and religious organizations (dying but still there) tried to modify their classical speech in order to accommodate the new facts. Results from scanner is a true test for all of them.

Note 1: “Real data will surpass imagination”. Think about this.

Note 2: Don’t be fooled by the cute monster in layer 7. He is highly poisonous and violent! He uses a harmless and kawaii looking as a mask.

Note 3: He is guarding a weird sphere.


In the Mood for Love

Recently I discovered some photos taken during the filming of In The Mood For Love in Angkor Wat. They are great and the reason is: The touch of reality is always the best ingredient.

Highly stylish. Probably each frame in that movie should be in a museum.

Jellyfish visit my notebook.

Jellyfish visited my notebooks. They look with shock the words of N. Maduro on the other page: “I went to the future and I came back. I saw all was ok.”

That’s a genius argument! You will need an even crazier argument to refute it. Think about it.

That's why the jellyfish-type beings prefer flowing with freedom. Dancing. Propagating.


Superluminal Spaceship

Unique proposal to travel at higher than speed of light. See my other brainy proposals for mankind here.

Year 2050. The new element “Vitesse-3c” (see Periodic Table of the Elements updated) found in a lost asteroid allows 10^3 times the speed of light. An harpoon made of that element is thrown and anchored in space time fabric. Then pull with energy and thrown it again. Easy.

Nose of the ship needs to be covered with Vitesse-3c as well so the whole machine can also travel at that speed. The vessel can carry massive troops, artillery or just passengers. Measures, stabilized control and other minor details for its design and manufacturing are left to scientists and engineers.

The main points here are:

1.) Ship must show an elegant style.
2.) Exquisite brownies will be served on board by militarized provodnitsa (проводница) who will keep order, etc.

First destination.... Planet Panic! Bon voyage!