XV Le Diable

The more I go into Tarot the more I find Le Diable fascinating. Somehow it rules everything and looks like the center of the mandala.

Actually the Devil could be the same character than the angel rising from the dark. If it continues going up it will explode in the Tower.

Some clear details and links and many other under interpretations make this card really rich in information. I have to conclude saying "Everything is so weird!"

My current notebook

Notebook in use. Started in January. I love how it's getting fat in a beautiful way.

It's also my very first full handmade journal and now the connexion with it is stronger.


Ibiza watercolors

Process for little watercolors. I chose these three colors in order to master the art of maps. Now I realize they cover so many other scenarios and add the perfect atmosphere.

Actually I used mostly only two of them.

Watercolors are Winsor & Newton numbers Raw Sienna (552), Burnt Sienna (074) and Turquoise (654). Oh, loving turquoise and the palette it can generate.