Chinese calendar for 2018

What a stylish calendar! It's mass produced and even so it feels so full of quality and good design. And of course 100% Chinese looking.

Btw, this 2018 is Dog's year.

Airplanes in which I have worked

I worked as aeronautic engineer for (too many) years. Mainly as designer in big passengers airplanes by Airbus. Despite the monotonous daily work in an office it also had peak and vibrant moments. 

Days in South Korea

Hi Korea!
I use to enjoy most of the countries I visit during my trips but only with some of them I receive great feeling from minute zero. This is literally. When someone in the airplane provided me the immigration form I was surprised by the quality print and paper. The surprise was bigger when I saw there are glasses to fill the form in case you need them. That's a little example of a country where civility,  respect, order, cleaning and progress are evident. I highly appreciate these attributes.
Here some photos of my days in Seoul, Jeju island and Busan:
Baseball is a very popular sport in Korea.
Me in Seoul.

People are wonderful, friendly and respectful.
Seeing couples wearing like a mirror is quite typical. I've never seen that in any other place.

Women's typical clothes.

Colorful clothes always create nice contrast.

Ewha Woman's University in Seoul. Atmosphere and surroundings are more than amazing. 
I love South Korea and I can't wait to come back and enjoy more this lovely and valuable culture.


Extra-extra-fine tools

Not long time ago Micron Pigma 005 was extremely fine to my eyes. Now using Rotring Isograph 0,10 is in another league. Scary needle tip.

I will like to post about the results and comparison. Actually I still love Micron since it's easier create textures and it's disposable.

Back in Bangkok

 I found so useful and enjoyable to document some details from Bangkok in boxes style.
Always, always great moments in Thailand. I miss it so much.


IDEAT interview in Shanghai

I had the pleasure Tanya contacted me for an interview in Shanghai.

She showed care and interest about my artwork in a confortable atmosphere. Now my journals are part of IDEAT magazine pages. Many thanks!

Balance in digital life

I took the first photo in 2015. I can see my journal and digital life was balance according to "thickness factor". An absurd way to measure that balance.

Now, in 2018, my notebook is quite fatter and the laptop is incredibly thin. Modern times.