Barcelona new skyline proposal

La Sagrada Familia is taking too much time for such a minor artwork. The city needs something more visual and shocking. A 900 m high stupa will cover the cathedral and will add more character. It could also keep several malls and cinemas for modern people entertainment and the cathedral construction could continue inside as well. On top of that, the harbor will be expanded and it will take half of the city, therefore huge cruiser ships will be allowed to reach the stupa. Av. Diagonal, the main street, will be partially navigable. Big number of houses need to be demolish, however debris and people could be used as construction material and slaves.

Some pages of the last completed notebooks. Continuation


Some pages of the last completed notebook

The eternal fountain pen

No need to refill or change cartridges. The ink will last per omnia saecula saeculorum. Water is taken from humidity in the air and then is mixed with a special stone placed inside named Donaunite, which grows naturally in Donau river. 

Nib is made with special 96 k gold, discovered recently with Alchemy techniques mixing gold and lotus flower. The result, lotus gold, is the best for nib in fountain pen. 

An 8 holes wheel allows to change the ink/water flow, producing several levels of blue.

About inks

"This magic bottle contains the lovely words I will dedicate to you, new ideas, dreams, equations, notes and experiences I can't even imagine now. All is inside already."