Ba Na Hills. Cult to fake.

I stopped visiting tourist spots long time ago. They are places overcrowded. Even the amazing places like Angkor Wat are ruined by people and the final experience is poor. See here my photos there.

Da Nang was my greatest discovery in the last trip. I guess it will be also full of visitors in a couple of years if not months. However now is almost a perfect place combining Vietnam style with facilities, beach, not many people and the best: It's free of motorbike traffic which is a common torture in other Vietnamese cities.

But Da Nang is a future tourism hub. The beach will be a new Benidorm and the highlight is a kind of Disneyland built in the mountains. Welcome to Ba Na Hills. Sunworld.

Someone told me to go there the day before and I guessed it was something like a trekking in the mountains. What a surprise when I arrive there and I saw a crazy scenario designed for masses. The perfect environment for a session of photos by the master photographer Martin Parr.

They are created a medieval city with real stones... in Vietnam! In XXI Century! All is fake and ready for fake photos of people posing. Recently I read it's the most posted place in Instagram.

Too much for me. Bye bye to tourism places, whatever they are, for the rest of the year/decade.

Btw, the ticket costs 1 million VND.

Here some photos of the modern wonder:
The cablecar is the most interesting part of that place.

See the new cathedrals under construction.

Voila, a medieval city is ready.

Sunny place for happy people.

Me enjoying the colorful happiness.

It's Vietnam in 2019.

Dedicated to Martin Parr I.

Dedicated to Martin Parr II.

The famous bridge seen everywhere.

Sooner or later the fake will appear.