Short video about my notebooks

People from https://www.loopsider.com/fr/ made this nice video.


Asia travel map

Ah, the art of maps... Many ways to develop a map, many of them fascinating. I'm always tempted to do a new style with risk of reaching nothing interesting but at the same time the only door to innovation. Simple and stylish, easy tools and clear for the eyes. Anyway old maps set the mark in a high level.

This is my route along part of Asia during last year. It looks like Bangkok is a magnetic point and I'm happy for it.

Thai temples

They are always a good reason to do some architecture sketches.
As I often say: "Each thing generates its like". Thai people generate these great shapes and curves same as their nature.


About developed cultures

Japan is in the top 3 of my list of developed cultures. It's a very subjective list where criteria were selected after a lot of thinking. For example, focus on innovation and Science, an historic knowledge, background in thinking and arts, a certain level of order and cleaning, low impact of religions, etc. Let's appreciate this ramen as an example of dedication to detail. Even the colors have been chosen properly to create the whole work. And all like that.

Japan deserves same respect they practice.

Chinatown in Bangkok


Galgo paper

Many people ask me which paper I use in my notebooks. I've using laid paper during the last years, cream color, 100g/m2. The brand I still use is Galgo, a classic Spanish brand which shows a "galgo" (a kind of dog) in the pages. It's great quality paper and it can stand fountain pen ink and small watercolors. What I love the most is the texture and feeling when it's touched. Something impossible to describe. I knew it was going to be "the paper" since I used for the first time.
Unfortunately Galgo factory closed not many years ago. It was a surprised for such a brand I remember since I was a child. I was able to keep a stock of paper for many notebooks ahead.