Notebook Mandala

I will tell you a secret. A little one. Since my journal is full of hidden message and mystical links between elements, sometimes I think they could be too hidden and nobody but me could find them. At the end it's a personal notebook and many of these secrets will be unseen for others eyes. Here a little clue in order to understand it: After many cabalas and tests I chose 196 pages for the journal (16 signatures with 12 pages each one, plus two extra pages to insert near the end plus the two endpapers). This, with 4 more spaces for the cover provide me a perfect 10x10 board to play (double page each). This is an entire universe for freedom and creation. No external rules apply in the other side of the borders. The task was trying to join the pages creating an only being, a mandala. There are many mathematical ways to play with numbers and also a couple of singular points. The center is one of them. The second one is the end of the Fibonacci curve which travels along the pages. I highlight this curve path with orange dots. I link pages also with items which reference each other with a certain length (a reference). Well, that's enough for today, maybe I reveal more little secrets in the future.