Yokozuna wannabe

“You can achieve your goals if you set your mind to it”. Great. 

As I told weeks ago, I decided to be a Yokozuna after watching a sumo event in Japanese NHK TV channel. Fascinating! “Don’t let others limit your dreams”, bla, bla, you know. 

Note: Yokozuna is the highest rank in sumo. There have been only 73 Yokozunas.

Being that fat and winning battles sounded a good idea. My efforts to increase weight by eating mango sticky rice every day didn’t work. After a few days I was still far from my 200kg goal. Not talking about training (zero bananas, zero progress). To justify my 100% failure I have to say I didn’t do anything. It looks like setting your mind was not enough.

But… what if not everything is lost? What if I’m already a Yokozuna and I don’t know it? I was relieved. Still some hope.

I researched online for those kind of questions like “10 signs you could be in a toxic relationship” or so. I found this:

5 signs you could be a Yokozuna:

1. Your hair is black, bright and long.
2. There is a huge 20kg white rope around your belly.
3. You often go to sumo events, usually as fighter.
4. At some point you were promoted as a Yokozuna in a full of rituals ceremony.
5. Friends / other sumos call you “Hey Yokozuna”.

Since I don’t match point number 1, my goal to be a Yokozuna is over. Very sad.

But… can I still be the referee? His moves and clothes are amazing! That’s my new goal for 2022.


Thailand 2022

Here some photos from Thailand. I have the feeling the country is changing quite fast.
One day I should compile a group of pics showing the essence of this amazing culture and place. At least the perception I have of my dear Thailand.


Tibet and water

Water is a key resource.
Most of the humans live in this area.
Most of the rivers in the area start in Tibet.
China controls Tibet.

Water is abundant now but it could be scarce sometime soon. If humans can’t manage energy and some even say energy is “scarce” when we have a huge infinite power of energy so near and multiple ways to get energy.

I can easily imagine how big water problems would be. Water can’t be produce magically from nothing.