Field Notes after 2.5 months of use: Unbreakable

This Field Notes Expedition edition after a two and a half months trip. Everyday in my pocket for fast notes. It's almost unbreakable. It's supposed to be waterproof and other crazy-proof. The thin notebook is perfect for the pocket and replace my usual little organizer for travels (mainly because of the thickness).

Writing on such a plastic surface is weird.  Only a few pens can be used, for example ball pens.

Next time I will experiment with a similar format but filled with my dear vergè paper, a pleasure to write on it. Probably it will not last this long but maybe it ages in a beautiful way.


About nomadic life

Ah, the nomadic life… (note necessarily me). What a fascinating lifestyle it is. Easy and appealing. It hooks. 

No ties to belongings, contracts or bills. He walks light, just a few kilograms in quantity of 6 or 8, plus what he wears, which allows him to move forward easily, almost in an ethereal way. He takes the advantages from each place and discards the bad ones. He takes the flowers and misses the thorns. He enjoys optimizing the luggage and even creates a a new words to describe that feeling. He didn’t find that word yet but probably it woulds ends as “-tisfaction”. He knows the value of magical technology and allows it to take some grams in his bag. Doing like that applies also to life. We are here just temporary and it’s better go light. Belongings will not come with us, actually they will become dust eventually. 

I add something: Being nomadic is not needed all the time. Actually it fatigues a little.

Ah, the dollar... Mickey doesn't love you!

I had the opportunity to use dollars in Cambodia recently. Having US dollars in the pocket creates feeling which don't happen with other currencies.

US dollar pushes you to spend money. It also gives you a kind of power, even when you carry just a few dollars. It's all about psychology.

Anyways, here I show a tribute to dollar and money in general. A weird entity everybody use but not many people understand. Meaning of money now is so different from some decades ago since it's not just a value keeping but a complex system of rights and taxes. However it remains the same in people's mind. Maybe it's because notes in paper are the same.

And yes, again: Mickey Mouse is not your friend. He doesn't love you!


Eyes: A window to the Cosmos

Fascinating eyes. What a complex move in the evolution path. Why eye was created? Some could think (and they do) the final goal of the universe is to be self-conscious. I don't think so even when it's a magic explanation.
Anyways one thing is clear: I can feel the Cosmos is looking at me through the eyes of a wise cat, a calm elephant and more cases. It's all about feeling.


Angkor Wat (ercolor)

Angkor Wat in watercolor style.

Also writing about a new discovery: No head Buddha. Negative thinking? Practice no head. No thinking at all! I guess it's my favorite Buddha from now on. Better even the laying Buddha.