Cute cats

Cats are welcome in my pages. And stamps cats. And Thai cats in Thai stamps

Muang Boran (Ancient City)


Muang Boran (Ancient City), in Bangkok, together with other notes some of them less important than others.
I’m glad to see how flat this bookbinding improvement opens the pages.


In love with mechanical pencils


Rotring 600 is perfection. I've used it a lot during the last years. Many hours in my hand when I was drawing Donau's Journey and other many memories. And recently I got it in new colours! Red one is specially vibrant.

Its weight is great for a feeling of quality, however it's a minor negative point for travels. In that case I recently use Muji mechanical pencil. Inexpensive, plastic with retractable tip perfect for carry in the pocket. 


Thailand 2022-2023

Here some photos of my dear Thailand during the last trip there.

Inside a local bus in Bangkok. Note the wooden floor.
7 Eleven in everywhere.

Museum open to any passersby with trained eyes.

Kilometers of asphalt and concrete.

Ubiquitous plastic chairs.

View of Bangkok from the airplane. What a gift.

Telephone box invaded by nature.

Thai-Chinese style.

Excellent coffeeshop near the river.

First time I visited a hospital in Bangkok. Quite impressive!

Island style in Thailand is relaxing, easy, unique.