Taipei 101

Very short visit to Taipei. I had time to climb up to the (not many years ago) the top of the world: Taipei 101. An icon from last century. The first building to reach half a kilometer high.

Feeling from Taiwan was excellent, specially because of friendly people. I wish I could come back soon to explore all the island in detail.


Mahjong (麻雀)

Mahjong was one of my top discoveries during my last visit to China. I appreciate its aesthetic and meaning of the pieces: Winds, dragons, etc. A nice way to go deeper in Chinese culture.
Do you know where Mahjong pieces are come from? I think they come from a Mahjong tree.


Seen in Ayutthaya

What's in my bag? Version 2018

I use to keep the tradition about "What's in my bag?". Mainly since I started to travel with ultralight packing, a milestone in my trips. Optimizing is always a process. See evolution from last year here where I explained the main philosophy.

For this 2018 I carry a 30-32 liters backpack as the only bag. It weighs 6.9 kg with all belongings inside including laptop (and except the clothes on).

My bag posing in front of a colorful door in Colombia.

I've noticed the notebook is getting fatter every day and now it weighs almost 400g. Anyway I reduced the writing tools to only one small case, the one besides the notebook in the photo.

I missed nothing during the trips which could be a few weeks or months long, it doesn't matter.


Hi Elements. You look taller.

When I went back to Hong Kong I saw Elements (ICC building) much taller than in my first visit in 2007.

Me: Hi. Nice to see you again.
Elements: Oh! You are here. Welcome!
Me: I saw your birth. Now you look so tall. You have become a king.
Elements: Thanks :)
Me: See you in 10 years.

I had the chance to climb up to the top of the building. Amazing views, feeling and experience. Good moments. Hong Kong is a great place. A beautiful historical anomaly.