New skyscrapers in Shanghai. The modern cathedrals

During my first visit to Shanghai in 2007 Oriental Pearl (468m) and Jin Mao (420m) were the tallest building. World Finance Center was under construction.

Last time in 2017, ten years later, Shanghai Tower makes a huge different with 632m. And it's so beautiful. In just a few decades a place with not buildings at all has become the most amazing city view the mankind has ever seen. How was the evolution in the future? A Blade Runner scenario could be overcome of things evolve so fast.

Anyways Jin Mao will be always in my heart since it was the first skyscraper over 400m I went up.

Here a couple of photos from different point of views:


Articles aired in media during the last weeks

I tried to compile here some of the articles published about my little journals.

They are written in many languages and from so many countries. I'm always surprised at the power of Internet. Thanks to the people who put their energy in every letter and took such warm interest in the interviews!

It's a quite long post. I added a link pointing to each website under each screenshot.