Invasion until the limits, if any

During the first steps of evolution (biological) species try to propagate using reproduction and taking resources. This strategy will not go too far. A proper AI would use exponential learning to replicate itself and improve faster and faster.

Eventually it could expand along the whole universe. Could be that AI develop the capacity to create new universes using simulation and then expand itself inside those universes to take their resources. These simulated universes could be able to create more universes inside and so on.


Imagination + Photoshop is good combination

I'm really excited these days since I'm creating a new kind of board game. Actually I have many ideas in mind, too many sometimes, which go and back, bring another ideas, merge to the old ones, etc. They are only in my brain at the moment but I know this is the first step to do things real. It's important. It's the KEY.

Fascinating process with no clear way. I just leave my imagination decides the path. I will choose later which one is the best idea and what can I do with it. But now it's time for fun.

As I've always said Photoshop is one of the most powerful tool for creativity and I enjoy testing some tones and general aesthetic. Here just some design examples I love for a future cards.


"Hay flamiiiiiiingos en el soolooooogico".
Good and sweet memories from Colombia.
Flamingos are a fantasy of nature. Same as jellyfish. One flamingo is cute, several are better.
These are the main colors I use in my notebook currently.

Do you want some sushi?

Variety of sushis together with series of another mystical items, all highly aesthetic.


Meeting nice people in Taipei

One of the best things of Instagram is the great notebook community around the world. I feel welcome here and there when I visit a new place.

In Taipei I had the chance to meet these people. I could see some of their personal notebooks, many of them full of reality and passion. Not the best day for my throat but I hope all of us had a good time and learn from each other, which was the final goal.
Thanks to Sophie who organized the meeting and place so good and fast.

Some pages from Japan

Just some pages written while I was in Japan recently.

As usual, traveling brings a huge quantity of information and ideas. They are impossible to process and document. One approach to solution is selecting and optimizing the information. Even so I need a lot of hours to keep my journal. It's not enough to write in the gaps (waiting for a meal or before sleep) but dedicate fresh and high quality time fo this precious and enjoyable task. For example a whole morning in a terrace. Accumulate delay everyday and eventually finish the travel pages at home is not a good way.

When writing is set a priority everything works.


Tokyo 2004 - 2018

Same place, same view and same concrete but maybe not same me.
Happy to see you again, Japan.


Dou Shou Qi. Own handmade version

As soon as I came back to Stratego (read more here) I researched about its origins. Old Chinese game Dou Shou Qi was the seed to many other games. Quite fascinating idea and mechanism. Nowadays it's seen as a board game for kids but it's enough complex for adults to play.

Since I can't find a copy to play I decided to make my own version which I named it "Ataque medusa" (Jellyfish Attack). I just changed the characters and I enjoyed a lot designing the board and box. I also did the instructions. It's the first time I do a handmade board game and the result is better than expected. We are lucky to live in times where an idea can be produced easily with a computer and become real in paper at minimum cost. Printed in stickers in the corner shop and cut some cardboard pieces. Fun and stylish.

I can't imagine the quality with better materials and detailed design. That will be a possible idea for a future board game soon and completely new.