Koh Tao and more

These are the last pages of my current notebook. Exploration days along some islands in Thailand and the coast.

Did you know Koh Tao means Turtle Island? Now you know.

Liu Lunar

Page dedicated to a great soul.


A new home for my notebooks

Finally I completed this project which was delayed again and again during a few years. After the huge mistake in the box I used some years ago I decided to use a cardboard box. It's neither waterproof nor fireproof but it's made of archival quality cardboard, same as used in museums. It's supposed to be a barrier for acid and at the same time it protect the inside from dust.

I made it by myself so I can fix the measures to the notebooks. It looks an easy work but I had big problems to bend the cardboard because I used a thick one. I left spare room for a few more notebooks to come.

I love the result. Great looking and feeling.


Article in IDEAT

Article published in IDEAT China last year.

Many thanks to Tanya for the interview in Shanghai.