Seen in Deutsche Bahn

Somehow I find this photo so magical.


Pinhole camera. Model Square 24

The camera is here.
Optimized design and compact body to take good quality photos.
Practice low-tech! 

Can anyone doubt the camera is one of the best inventions ever? The chance to keep what is in front of you is priceless. Also an entire world of opportunities could be discovered through Photography. What if you don´t need expensive or hi-tech devices for that? You can make your own camera with great results. 

Some years ago I was proud to say my pinhole camera reached better results than cheap digital cameras. But my dear old pinhole used paper, its size was not small and people looked at me in a strange way when saw the box. Today I offer a compact design for a film camera which allows you to take photos even hold free on sunny days.

The goal of my little proyect is to share the knowlodge and try to reach the most quantity of people. Not only the idea of how simple a camera is but also the opportunity for everyone to make their own camera in any place and for almost no money.
Interested? Do not hesitate to try it. The completed information you need is within this post. And all materials you need are these:

Just follow carefully the steps and you will get the camera in your hands very soon.

Once you have the camera, please have a look at the instructions. 

And what about the expected results? Look at this and be surprised! Oh, dear, how much you gives.

I offer this information with no cost or rights so fell free to share with everyone. I will be glad to see your cameras and the photos taken with them. Here for contact: naranjacorreo@gmail.com

Click bellow to download the ebook plus template (Spanish):

DOWNLOAD of the improved version (Pinhole Go): Free ebook