Frame for Donau's Journey

 I didn't frame my own Donau's Journey copy until now!

Having this quite big size creation in my hands becomes a weird thing now. With the new frame it feels heavy, bulky and, more important, a finished work. Honestly there were many times when I thought this project could be just an idea (or a collection of many ideas) so complex than never would be a in a real paper.

I'm happy to see it on a wall. I chose a simple but strong and deep frame. It adds a perfect touch highlighting the artwork and at the same time doesn't take much attention.

I would be so glad if you send me a photo of you copy on a wall, please! The ones I've already seen were so great and.. in unexpected environments, oh yes.

You still can buy a copy here.


The Starmaker

Doctor D. Messking is a prestigious astronomer (he has an academic title and a prominent beard). But he is also a little dirty. During decades he worked cataloging stars methodically.

One day a SPECK OF DUST landed on the lens. 

His routine job didn’t help to spot the mistake. He included the new star in the catalogue. He shared his work with the scientist community. Then influential publishers distributed thousands of books. Those books were read by other scientists, teachers, etc. Soon students were obligated to learn the new star. Eventually these kids will procreate and will transfer this knowledge to their children. And so on.

This is an example of how humans perpetuate knowledge. They are specialist in sharing all kind of information, a top skill they can do better than any other animal. Sometimes not many are involved in the details of a discovery but they trust other people in a blind faith mode. That faith starts in the family, teachers and then continues in books, news and ends in the "specialists", the owners of the complex knowledge.

Same as in religions and other no-logic methods, science could also make the mistake of belief. Many scientists never participated in the experiments they believe. Most of the teachers even don’t know the source of information. The wheel continues by its own. 

Despite the development of basic logic, some people's brains use to be confused even in the clearest points. Maybe trust is a positive human trait, useful for evolution anyways. Or maybe it's all wrong and the rest of the species do it even worse than us.


The Orange Manuscript. New copies

A pile of fresh pages from the printer ready to be bound by hand. My robot assistant will be busy...

Still today seeing these pages al together fascinate me. The Orange Manuscript will be always my baby.

Orders can be made by email. Visit this post for more information.

Brain connections. Next levels

The next big step in mankind evolution (maybe the ultimate one) is the emergence of a Super Artificial Intelligence. Before that moment other events will happen. Humans have developed magical technology however there are not changes in our biological setup. Even for communicate each other we use EXTREMELY SLOW ways as talking, writing, etc. 

Connections brain-machine and brain-machine-brain will: 

1.) Boost the speed of information. 

2.) Open the door to another level of use of the brain: sharing feelings, instant knowledge or using other humans senses as they were yours. Even every discovery in this field is a huge thing by itself. Can you imagine coming alive again an old experience to your brain, let's say eating a lion, fighting with a cake (or the other way around better), wild sex adventure, etc., or even "import" those experiences from other people?

3.) As a future interface human-AI. I could imagine a scenario where eventually brains are connected each other and also connected to an AI. In this case brains are just like neurons in a new super brain. I guess that new entity will want to explore outside and establish connection with other intelligences. It looks like brain was designed to play with other brains.



Cards. Work in progress

Working, or better said, having fun with the design of the new cards. Still a few main ideas to develop and endless details to polish.

Tiny watercolor box for travels

Many people asked me about the watercolors I use in my tiny box. I think it’s not so important and each one should try different colors and could have different needs. Mine are light weight, simple and certain tones. 

Anyways here they are: raw sienna, burnt sienna, turquoise, red, Payne’s grey and indigo. Total weight is 32g. Sometimes I miss yellow. Indigo could be got mixing turquoise and Payne’s grey so maybe there is a free gap for a new color soon.