Angelina, Paris

The long queue along the Rue de Rivoli shows the entrance to Angelina, a great example of decoration and a place with a very Parisian stylish. The chocolate is not only for exhibition, you also can taste it, it's real. It works just interchanging a few euros.

La notre spécialité was excelent, almost as good as the little churrería in my neighborhood, that which was there since always and has a size for about 3 people, not more, and standing.


Paris and it's not Summer

It's the first time I visit Paris out of Summer season.

I've heard that Galeries Lafayette is the most beautiful shop in the world and also de biggest lingerie store. Its dome is so awesome.

Versailles was full of normal people from everywhere.
I didn't miss the chance to take a self-portrait in Le Grande Arche de la Défense, a place which I always like

Paris metro, again

Paris metro always takes my camera's eye. I find it full of life. Dirty, stylish and a great mix of details.
As a new, I realized some line has been updated with modern trains without driver.