Unexpected evolution

Oh, evolution... It continues after humans’ presence on Earth and it could use tools they left, maybe.

I can't wait to see what modifications TV brings to them.

Perseverance and surprises

I have the feeling Perseverance will find some clues of life on Mars. Maybe mysterious scales or a fossil with a couple of worm lovers.

Btw, the rover contains my name in a boarding name format. Of course I also included little Flexo to be part of the exploration.

Looks like the names are stored in this part: 

Drowning is a bad idea, in general


One day Mr. B went to he beach and for some reason begun to drown. Disaster. 

His whole life passed through his eyes in a few seconds. With some skill he managed to stop the video just where he read some motivational advises in Internet: “Life is like a book… bla, bla”, “ You are a being of light”, “Move away of toxic situations”. Oh, he realized drowning was quite toxic and indeed it was damaging him so much. “Do I really need to drown?” Then Mr. B decided to come out of the water and enjoyed a relaxing mango juice. Much better now, no comparison 🎈