Waterproof inks

The result is self explanatory.

Tools give us superpowers

For just a few euros a basic tool provides extra performance. Immediately. There is not better and easier trade. Great if the tool has also good quality and pleasant touch as for example Swiss pocket knives.
An human with a pliers is superior to other human if the rest of parameters remain the same.

What’s the most valuable basic tool? Maybe a knife. Versatile, easy to be produced and light to carry on. Oh, paradox… The tool which helped humans to develop a civilization is now forbidden in some of those called developed civilizations.

Pages from Ukraine (2021)

Overall I liked Lviv and Kiev. I will like to come back if things are better some day.

I’d take some issues as a features instead. Unfriendly people is a chance to practice patience and solitude. An invitation to avoid human contact.